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dnl $Id$
dnl config.m4 for mysqlnd driver
PHP_ARG_ENABLE(mysqlnd, whether to enable mysqlnd,
[ --enable-mysqlnd Enable mysqlnd explicitly, will be done implicitly
when required by other extensions], no, yes)
PHP_ARG_ENABLE(mysqlnd_compression_support, whether to disable compressed protocol support in mysqlnd,
[ --disable-mysqlnd-compression-support
Disable support for the MySQL compressed protocol in mysqlnd], yes, no)
if test -z "$PHP_ZLIB_DIR"; then
PHP_ARG_WITH(zlib-dir, for the location of libz,
[ --with-zlib-dir[=DIR] mysqlnd: Set the path to libz install prefix], no, no)
dnl If some extension uses mysqlnd it will get compiled in PHP core
if test "$PHP_MYSQLND" != "no" || test "$PHP_MYSQLND_ENABLED" = "yes"; then
mysqlnd_ps_sources="mysqlnd_ps.c mysqlnd_ps_codec.c"
mysqlnd_base_sources="mysqlnd_connection.c mysqlnd_alloc.c mysqlnd_charset.c mysqlnd_wireprotocol.c \
mysqlnd_loaddata.c mysqlnd_reverse_api.c mysqlnd_vio.c mysqlnd_protocol_frame_codec.c \
mysqlnd_statistics.c mysqlnd_driver.c mysqlnd_ext_plugin.c mysqlnd_auth.c \
mysqlnd_result.c mysqlnd_result_meta.c mysqlnd_debug.c mysqlnd_commands.c \
mysqlnd_block_alloc.c mysqlnd_read_buffer.c mysqlnd_plugin.c php_mysqlnd.c"
if test "$PHP_MYSQLND_COMPRESSION_SUPPORT" != "no"; then
AC_DEFINE([MYSQLND_COMPRESSION_WANTED], 1, [Enable compressed protocol support])
AC_DEFINE([MYSQLND_SSL_SUPPORTED], 1, [Enable core mysqlnd SSL code])
test -z "$PHP_OPENSSL" && PHP_OPENSSL=no
if test "$PHP_OPENSSL" != "no" || test "$PHP_OPENSSL_DIR" != "no"; then
AC_CHECK_LIB(ssl, DSA_get_default_method, AC_DEFINE(HAVE_DSA_DEFAULT_METHOD, 1, [OpenSSL 0.9.7 or later]))
AC_CHECK_LIB(crypto, X509_free, AC_DEFINE(HAVE_DSA_DEFAULT_METHOD, 1, [OpenSSL 0.9.7 or later]))
PHP_SETUP_OPENSSL(MYSQLND_SHARED_LIBADD, [AC_DEFINE(MYSQLND_HAVE_SSL,1,[Enable mysqlnd code that uses OpenSSL directly])])
mysqlnd_sources="$mysqlnd_base_sources $mysqlnd_ps_sources"
PHP_NEW_EXTENSION(mysqlnd, $mysqlnd_sources, $ext_shared,, -DZEND_ENABLE_STATIC_TSRMLS_CACHE=1)
PHP_ADD_BUILD_DIR([ext/mysqlnd], 1)
if test "$PHP_MYSQLND" != "no" || test "$PHP_MYSQLND_ENABLED" = "yes" || test "$PHP_MYSQLI" != "no"; then
PHP_ADD_BUILD_DIR([ext/mysqlnd], 1)