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make sure soap 1.1 and 1.2 is supported fully
Better WSDL support Client and server (how much validation is needed here?)
make internal references for soap encoding (use serialization logic)
add ini option for always soap_error_handler
provide user space overriding of serialization certin objects and types
serialization in general needs to be polished/finished... all xsd types
look to see if php-soap will work with out always_populate_raw_post_data on
see if client will work with ssl.. should be eaiser with php_streams
work on soap serializer (php serialization)
-work on a soap-service 'regiestry' and 'proxy' (apache soap style)
-convert all string mainpulation to use smart_str
make the 'soap' packet abstract.. maybe incorperate xml-rpc
make the transport layer abstract.. what other transport layers are needed?... who uses smtp? what about jabber?
make $soap_object->data = 'text'; maybe invoke a set_*() and/or get_*() method
when using wsdls and function names are similar find the best match
void test(int);
void test(string);
maybe use the same alogrithim as ext/java.
investigate further http keep_alive... initial testing proved slower.. maybe php_streams will speed things up..
provide schema 1999/2001 support....
through memory leak testing
possible using shared memory for sdl caching...
api for clearing/checking sdl caching...
make php-soap work as a standalone server using php_streams and the new socket extension
http authication
proxy support
wsdl generation static and auto (.net style ( using phpdoc parsing engine
interpo testing...
BENCHMARKING...... lets prove how fast it is.
do some more work on website
does this list stop... what exactly have i done?
im sure im forgetting 20 thousand more things....
- brad