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| PHP Version 4 |
| Copyright (c) 1997-2002 The PHP Group |
| This source file is subject to version 2.02 of the PHP license, |
| that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE, and is |
| available at through the world-wide-web at |
| |
| If you did not receive a copy of the PHP license and are unable to |
| obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send a note to |
| so we can mail you a copy immediately. |
| Author: Wez Furlong ( |
/* $Id$ */
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
PHPAPI int php_file_le_stream(void);
PHPAPI int php_file_le_pstream(void);
/* {{{ Streams memory debugging stuff */
/* these have more of a dependency on the definitions of the zend macros than
* I would prefer, but doing it this way saves loads of idefs :-/ */
# define STREAMS_D int __php_stream_call_depth ZEND_FILE_LINE_DC ZEND_FILE_LINE_ORIG_DC
# define STREAMS_REL_C __php_stream_call_depth + 1 ZEND_FILE_LINE_CC, \
__php_stream_call_depth ? __zend_orig_filename : __zend_filename, \
__php_stream_call_depth ? __zend_orig_lineno : __zend_lineno
# define STREAMS_D
# define STREAMS_C
# define STREAMS_REL_C
# define STREAMS_DC
# define STREAMS_CC
/* these functions relay the file/line number information. They are depth aware, so they will pass
* the ultimate ancestor, which is useful, because there can be several layers of calls */
#define php_stream_alloc_rel(ops, thisptr, persistent, mode) _php_stream_alloc((ops), (thisptr), (persistent), (mode) STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_copy_to_mem_rel(src, buf, maxlen, persistent) _php_stream_copy_to_mem((src), (buf), (maxlen), (persistent) STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_fopen_rel(filename, mode, opened, options) _php_stream_fopen((filename), (mode), (opened), (options) STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_fopen_with_path_rel(filename, mode, path, opened, options) _php_stream_fopen_with_path((filename), (mode), (path), (opened), (options) STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_fopen_from_file_rel(file, mode) _php_stream_fopen_from_file((file), (mode) STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_fopen_from_pipe_rel(file, mode) _php_stream_fopen_from_pipe((file), (mode) STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_fopen_tmpfile_rel() _php_stream_fopen_tmpfile(0 STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_fopen_temporary_file_rel(dir, pfx, opened_path) _php_stream_fopen_temporary_file((dir), (pfx), (opened_path) STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_open_wrapper_rel(path, mode, options, opened) _php_stream_open_wrapper_ex((path), (mode), (options), (opened), NULL STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_open_wrapper_ex_rel(path, mode, options, opened, context) _php_stream_open_wrapper_ex((path), (mode), (options), (opened), (context) STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_make_seekable_rel(origstream, newstream, flags) _php_stream_make_seekable((origstream), (newstream), (flags) STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC)
/* }}} */
/* The contents of the php_stream_ops and php_stream should only be accessed
* using the functions/macros in this header.
* If you need to get at something that doesn't have an API,
* drop me a line <> and we can sort out a way to do
* it properly.
* The only exceptions to this rule are that stream implementations can use
* the php_stream->abstract pointer to hold their context, and streams
* opened via stream_open_wrappers can use the zval ptr in
* php_stream->wrapperdata to hold meta data for php scripts to
* retrieve using file_get_wrapper_data(). */
typedef struct _php_stream php_stream;
typedef struct _php_stream_wrapper php_stream_wrapper;
typedef struct _php_stream_context php_stream_context;
typedef struct _php_stream_filter php_stream_filter;
/* callback for status notifications */
typedef void (*php_stream_notification_func)(php_stream_context *context,
int notifycode, int severity,
char *xmsg, int xcode,
size_t bytes_sofar, size_t bytes_max,
void * ptr TSRMLS_DC);
typedef struct _php_stream_statbuf {
#if defined(NETWARE) && defined(CLIB_STAT_PATCH)
struct stat_libc sb; /* regular info */
struct stat sb; /* regular info */
/* extended info to go here some day: content-type etc. etc. */
} php_stream_statbuf;
typedef struct _php_stream_dirent {
char d_name[MAXPATHLEN];
} php_stream_dirent;
typedef struct _php_stream_notifier {
php_stream_notification_func func;
void *ptr;
int mask;
size_t progress, progress_max; /* position for progress notification */
} php_stream_notifier;
struct _php_stream_context {
php_stream_notifier *notifier;
zval *options; /* hash keyed by wrapper family or specific wrapper */
typedef struct _php_stream_wrapper_options {
int valid_options; /* PHP_STREAM_WRAPPER_OPT_XXX */
php_stream_notification_func notifier;
void *notifier_ptr;
/* other info like user-agent, SSL cert and cookie information
* to go here some day */
} php_stream_wrapper_options;
/* operations on streams that are file-handles */
typedef struct _php_stream_ops {
/* stdio like functions - these are mandatory! */
size_t (*write)(php_stream *stream, const char *buf, size_t count TSRMLS_DC);
size_t (*read)(php_stream *stream, char *buf, size_t count TSRMLS_DC);
int (*close)(php_stream *stream, int close_handle TSRMLS_DC);
int (*flush)(php_stream *stream TSRMLS_DC);
const char *label; /* label for this ops structure */
/* these are optional */
int (*seek)(php_stream *stream, off_t offset, int whence, off_t *newoffset TSRMLS_DC);
int (*cast)(php_stream *stream, int castas, void **ret TSRMLS_DC);
int (*stat)(php_stream *stream, php_stream_statbuf *ssb TSRMLS_DC);
int (*set_option)(php_stream *stream, int option, int value, void *ptrparam TSRMLS_DC);
} php_stream_ops;
typedef struct _php_stream_wrapper_ops {
/* open/create a wrapped stream */
php_stream *(*stream_opener)(php_stream_wrapper *wrapper, char *filename, char *mode,
int options, char **opened_path, php_stream_context *context STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
/* close/destroy a wrapped stream */
int (*stream_closer)(php_stream_wrapper *wrapper, php_stream *stream TSRMLS_DC);
/* stat a wrapped stream */
int (*stream_stat)(php_stream_wrapper *wrapper, php_stream *stream, php_stream_statbuf *ssb TSRMLS_DC);
/* stat a URL */
int (*url_stat)(php_stream_wrapper *wrapper, char *url, php_stream_statbuf *ssb TSRMLS_DC);
/* open a "directory" stream */
php_stream *(*dir_opener)(php_stream_wrapper *wrapper, char *filename, char *mode,
int options, char **opened_path, php_stream_context *context STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
const char *label;
} php_stream_wrapper_ops;
struct _php_stream_wrapper {
php_stream_wrapper_ops *wops; /* operations the wrapper can perform */
void *abstract; /* context for the wrapper */
int is_url; /* so that PG(allow_url_fopen) can be respected */
/* support for wrappers to return (multiple) error messages to the stream opener */
int err_count;
char **err_stack;
typedef struct _php_stream_filter_ops {
size_t (*write)(php_stream *stream, php_stream_filter *thisfilter,
const char *buf, size_t count TSRMLS_DC);
size_t (*read)(php_stream *stream, php_stream_filter *thisfilter,
char *buf, size_t count TSRMLS_DC);
int (*flush)(php_stream *stream, php_stream_filter *thisfilter, int closing TSRMLS_DC);
int (*eof)(php_stream *stream, php_stream_filter *thisfilter TSRMLS_DC);
void (*dtor)(php_stream_filter *thisfilter TSRMLS_DC);
const char *label;
} php_stream_filter_ops;
struct _php_stream_filter {
php_stream_filter_ops *fops;
void *abstract; /* for use by filter implementation */
php_stream_filter *next;
php_stream_filter *prev;
int is_persistent;
php_stream *stream;
#define php_stream_filter_write_next(stream, thisfilter, buf, size) \
(thisfilter)->next ? (thisfilter)->next->fops->write((stream), (thisfilter)->next, (buf), (size) TSRMLS_CC) \
: (stream)->ops->write((stream), (buf), (size) TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_filter_read_next(stream, thisfilter, buf, size) \
(thisfilter)->next ? (thisfilter)->next->fops->read((stream), (thisfilter)->next, (buf), (size) TSRMLS_CC) \
: (stream)->ops->read((stream), (buf), (size) TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_filter_flush_next(stream, thisfilter, closing) \
(thisfilter)->next ? (thisfilter)->next->fops->flush((stream), (thisfilter), (closing) TSRMLS_CC) \
: (stream)->ops->flush((stream) TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_filter_eof_next(stream, thisfilter) \
(thisfilter)->next ? (thisfilter)->next->fops->eof((stream), (thisfilter) TSRMLS_CC) \
: (stream)->ops->read((stream), NULL, 0 TSRMLS_CC) == EOF ? 1 : 0
#define PHP_STREAM_FLAG_EOL_UNIX 0 /* also includes DOS */
/* set this when the stream might represent "interactive" data.
* When set, the read buffer will avoid certain operations that
* might otherwise cause the read to block for much longer than
* is strictly required. */
struct _php_stream {
php_stream_ops *ops;
void *abstract; /* convenience pointer for abstraction */
php_stream_filter *filterhead;
php_stream_filter *filtertail;
php_stream_wrapper *wrapper; /* which wrapper was used to open the stream */
void *wrapperthis; /* convenience pointer for a instance of a wrapper */
zval *wrapperdata; /* fgetwrapperdata retrieves this */
int fgetss_state; /* for fgetss to handle multiline tags */
int is_persistent;
char mode[16]; /* "rwb" etc. ala stdio */
int rsrc_id; /* used for auto-cleanup */
int in_free; /* to prevent recursion during free */
/* so we know how to clean it up correctly. This should be set to
* PHP_STREAM_FCLOSE_XXX as appropriate */
int fclose_stdiocast;
FILE *stdiocast; /* cache this, otherwise we might leak! */
int __exposed; /* non-zero if exposed as a zval somewhere */
char *__orig_path; /* it really helps when debugging "unclosed" streams */
php_stream_context *context;
int flags; /* PHP_STREAM_FLAG_XXX */
/* buffer */
off_t position; /* of underlying stream */
unsigned char *readbuf;
size_t readbuflen;
off_t readpos;
off_t writepos;
/* how much data to read when filling buffer */
size_t chunk_size;
int eof;
}; /* php_stream */
/* state definitions when closing down; these are private to streams.c */
/* allocate a new stream for a particular ops */
PHPAPI php_stream *_php_stream_alloc(php_stream_ops *ops, void *abstract,
const char *persistent_id, const char *mode STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_alloc(ops, thisptr, persistent_id, mode) _php_stream_alloc((ops), (thisptr), (persistent_id), (mode) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
/* stack filter onto a stream */
PHPAPI void php_stream_filter_prepend(php_stream *stream, php_stream_filter *filter);
PHPAPI void php_stream_filter_append(php_stream *stream, php_stream_filter *filter);
PHPAPI php_stream_filter *php_stream_filter_remove(php_stream *stream, php_stream_filter *filter, int call_dtor TSRMLS_DC);
PHPAPI void php_stream_filter_free(php_stream_filter *filter TSRMLS_DC);
PHPAPI php_stream_filter *_php_stream_filter_alloc(php_stream_filter_ops *fops, void *abstract, int persistent STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_filter_alloc(fops, thisptr, persistent) _php_stream_filter_alloc((fops), (thisptr), (persistent) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_filter_alloc_rel(fops, thisptr, persistent) _php_stream_filter_alloc((fops), (thisptr), (persistent) STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_filter_remove_head(stream, call_dtor) php_stream_filter_remove((stream), (stream)->filterhead, (call_dtor) TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_filter_remove_tail(stream, call_dtor) php_stream_filter_remove((stream), (stream)->filtertail, (call_dtor) TSRMLS_CC)
typedef struct _php_stream_filter_factory {
php_stream_filter *(*create_filter)(const char *filtername, const char *filterparams, int filterparamslen, int persistent TSRMLS_DC);
} php_stream_filter_factory;
PHPAPI int php_stream_filter_register_factory(const char *filterpattern, php_stream_filter_factory *factory TSRMLS_DC);
PHPAPI int php_stream_filter_unregister_factory(const char *filterpattern TSRMLS_DC);
PHPAPI php_stream_filter *php_stream_filter_create(const char *filtername, const char *filterparams, int filterparamslen, int persistent TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_get_resource_id(stream) (stream)->rsrc_id
/* use this to tell the stream that it is OK if we don't explicitly close it */
# define php_stream_auto_cleanup(stream) { (stream)->__exposed++; }
/* use this to assign the stream to a zval and tell the stream that is
* has been exported to the engine; it will expect to be closed automatically
* when the resources are auto-destructed */
# define php_stream_to_zval(stream, zval) { ZVAL_RESOURCE(zval, (stream)->rsrc_id); (stream)->__exposed++; }
# define php_stream_auto_cleanup(stream) /* nothing */
# define php_stream_to_zval(stream, zval) { ZVAL_RESOURCE(zval, (stream)->rsrc_id); }
#define php_stream_from_zval(stream, ppzval) ZEND_FETCH_RESOURCE2((stream), php_stream *, (ppzval), -1, "stream", php_file_le_stream(), php_file_le_pstream())
#define php_stream_from_zval_no_verify(stream, ppzval) (stream) = (php_stream*)zend_fetch_resource((ppzval) TSRMLS_CC, -1, "stream", NULL, 2, php_file_le_stream(), php_file_le_pstream())
PHPAPI int php_stream_from_persistent_id(const char *persistent_id, php_stream **stream TSRMLS_DC);
#define PHP_STREAM_PERSISTENT_SUCCESS 0 /* id exists */
#define PHP_STREAM_PERSISTENT_FAILURE 1 /* id exists but is not a stream! */
#define PHP_STREAM_PERSISTENT_NOT_EXIST 2 /* id does not exist */
#define PHP_STREAM_FREE_CALL_DTOR 1 /* call ops->close */
#define PHP_STREAM_FREE_RELEASE_STREAM 2 /* pefree(stream) */
#define PHP_STREAM_FREE_PRESERVE_HANDLE 4 /* tell ops->close to not close it's underlying handle */
#define PHP_STREAM_FREE_RSRC_DTOR 8 /* called from the resource list dtor */
PHPAPI int _php_stream_free(php_stream *stream, int close_options TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_free(stream, close_options) _php_stream_free((stream), (close_options) TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_close(stream) _php_stream_free((stream), PHP_STREAM_FREE_CLOSE TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI int _php_stream_seek(php_stream *stream, off_t offset, int whence TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_rewind(stream) _php_stream_seek((stream), 0L, SEEK_SET TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_seek(stream, offset, whence) _php_stream_seek((stream), (offset), (whence) TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI off_t _php_stream_tell(php_stream *stream TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_tell(stream) _php_stream_tell((stream) TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI size_t _php_stream_read(php_stream *stream, char *buf, size_t count TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_read(stream, buf, count) _php_stream_read((stream), (buf), (count) TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI size_t _php_stream_write(php_stream *stream, const char *buf, size_t count TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_write_string(stream, str) _php_stream_write(stream, str, strlen(str) TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_write(stream, buf, count) _php_stream_write(stream, (buf), (count) TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI size_t _php_stream_printf(php_stream *stream TSRMLS_DC, const char *fmt, ...);
/* php_stream_printf macro & function require TSRMLS_CC */
#define php_stream_printf _php_stream_printf
PHPAPI int _php_stream_eof(php_stream *stream TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_eof(stream) _php_stream_eof((stream) TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI int _php_stream_getc(php_stream *stream TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_getc(stream) _php_stream_getc((stream) TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI int _php_stream_putc(php_stream *stream, int c TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_putc(stream, c) _php_stream_putc((stream), (c) TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI int _php_stream_flush(php_stream *stream, int closing TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_flush(stream) _php_stream_flush((stream), 0 TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI char *_php_stream_get_line(php_stream *stream, char *buf, size_t maxlen, size_t *returned_len TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_gets(stream, buf, maxlen) _php_stream_get_line((stream), (buf), (maxlen), NULL TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_get_line(stream, buf, maxlen, retlen) _php_stream_get_line((stream), (buf), (maxlen), (retlen) TSRMLS_CC)
/* CAREFUL! this is equivalent to puts NOT fputs! */
PHPAPI int _php_stream_puts(php_stream *stream, char *buf TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_puts(stream, buf) _php_stream_puts((stream), (buf) TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI int _php_stream_stat(php_stream *stream, php_stream_statbuf *ssb TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_stat(stream, ssb) _php_stream_stat((stream), (ssb) TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI int _php_stream_stat_path(char *path, php_stream_statbuf *ssb TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_stat_path(path, ssb) _php_stream_stat_path((path), (ssb) TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI php_stream *_php_stream_opendir(char *path, int options, php_stream_context *context STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_opendir(path, options, context) _php_stream_opendir((path), (options), (context) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI php_stream_dirent *_php_stream_readdir(php_stream *dirstream, php_stream_dirent *ent TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_readdir(dirstream, dirent) _php_stream_readdir((dirstream), (dirent) TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_closedir(dirstream) php_stream_close((dirstream))
#define php_stream_rewinddir(dirstream) php_stream_rewind((dirstream))
PHPAPI int _php_stream_set_option(php_stream *stream, int option, int value, void *ptrparam TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_set_option(stream, option, value, ptrvalue) _php_stream_set_option((stream), (option), (value), (ptrvalue) TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_set_chunk_size(stream, size) _php_stream_set_option((stream), PHP_STREAM_OPTION_SET_CHUNK_SIZE, (size), NULL TSRMLS_CC)
/* change the blocking mode of stream: value == 1 => blocking, value == 0 => non-blocking. */
/* change the buffering mode of stream. value is a PHP_STREAM_BUFFER_XXXX value, ptrparam is a ptr to a size_t holding
* the required buffer size */
#define PHP_STREAM_BUFFER_NONE 0 /* unbuffered */
#define PHP_STREAM_BUFFER_LINE 1 /* line buffered */
#define PHP_STREAM_BUFFER_FULL 2 /* fully buffered */
/* set the timeout duration for reads on the stream. ptrparam is a pointer to a struct timeval * */
#define PHP_STREAM_OPTION_RETURN_OK 0 /* option set OK */
#define PHP_STREAM_OPTION_RETURN_ERR -1 /* problem setting option */
#define PHP_STREAM_OPTION_RETURN_NOTIMPL -2 /* underlying stream does not implement; streams can handle it instead */
/* copy up to maxlen bytes from src to dest. If maxlen is PHP_STREAM_COPY_ALL, copy until eof(src).
* Uses mmap if the src is a plain file and at offset 0 */
PHPAPI size_t _php_stream_copy_to_stream(php_stream *src, php_stream *dest, size_t maxlen STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_copy_to_stream(src, dest, maxlen) _php_stream_copy_to_stream((src), (dest), (maxlen) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
/* read all data from stream and put into a buffer. Caller must free buffer when done.
* The copy will use mmap if available. */
PHPAPI size_t _php_stream_copy_to_mem(php_stream *src, char **buf, size_t maxlen,
int persistent STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_copy_to_mem(src, buf, maxlen, persistent) _php_stream_copy_to_mem((src), (buf), (maxlen), (persistent) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
/* output all data from a stream */
PHPAPI size_t _php_stream_passthru(php_stream * src STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_passthru(stream) _php_stream_passthru((stream) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
/* operations for a stdio FILE; use the php_stream_fopen_XXX funcs below */
PHPAPI extern php_stream_ops php_stream_stdio_ops;
/* like fopen, but returns a stream */
PHPAPI php_stream *_php_stream_fopen(const char *filename, const char *mode, char **opened_path, int options STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_fopen(filename, mode, opened) _php_stream_fopen((filename), (mode), (opened), 0 STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI php_stream *_php_stream_fopen_with_path(char *filename, char *mode, char *path, char **opened_path, int options STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_fopen_with_path(filename, mode, path, opened) _php_stream_fopen_with_path((filename), (mode), (path), (opened) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI php_stream *_php_stream_fopen_from_file(FILE *file, const char *mode STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_fopen_from_file(file, mode) _php_stream_fopen_from_file((file), (mode) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI php_stream *_php_stream_fopen_from_pipe(FILE *file, const char *mode STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_fopen_from_pipe(file, mode) _php_stream_fopen_from_pipe((file), (mode) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI php_stream *_php_stream_fopen_tmpfile(int dummy STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_fopen_tmpfile() _php_stream_fopen_tmpfile(0 STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
PHPAPI php_stream *_php_stream_fopen_temporary_file(const char *dir, const char *pfx, char **opened_path STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_fopen_temporary_file(dir, pfx, opened_path) _php_stream_fopen_temporary_file((dir), (pfx), (opened_path) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
/* coerce the stream into some other form */
/* cast as a stdio FILE * */
/* cast as a POSIX fd or socketd */
#define PHP_STREAM_AS_FD 1
/* cast as a socketd */
/* try really, really hard to make sure the cast happens (avoid using this flag if possible) */
#define PHP_STREAM_CAST_TRY_HARD 0x80000000
#define PHP_STREAM_CAST_RELEASE 0x40000000 /* stream becomes invalid on success */
#define PHP_STREAM_CAST_INTERNAL 0x20000000 /* stream cast for internal use */
PHPAPI int _php_stream_cast(php_stream *stream, int castas, void **ret, int show_err TSRMLS_DC);
/* use this to check if a stream can be cast into another form */
#define php_stream_can_cast(stream, as) _php_stream_cast((stream), (as), NULL, 0 TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_cast(stream, as, ret, show_err) _php_stream_cast((stream), (as), (ret), (show_err) TSRMLS_CC)
/* use this to check if a stream is of a particular type:
* PHPAPI int php_stream_is(php_stream *stream, php_stream_ops *ops); */
#define php_stream_is(stream, anops) ((stream)->ops == anops)
#define PHP_STREAM_IS_STDIO &php_stream_stdio_ops
#define php_stream_is_persistent(stream) (stream)->is_persistent
/* Wrappers support */
#define IGNORE_PATH 0
#define USE_PATH 1
#define IGNORE_URL 2
/* There's no USE_URL. */
/* If you don't need to write to the stream, but really need to
* be able to seek, use this flag in your options. */
/* If you are going to end up casting the stream into a FILE* or
* a socket, pass this flag and the streams/wrappers will not use
* buffering mechanisms while reading the headers, so that HTTP
* wrapped streams will work consistently.
* If you omit this flag, streams will use buffering and should end
* up working more optimally.
* */
/* this flag applies to php_stream_locate_url_wrapper */
/* this flag is only used by include/require functions */
/* Antique - no longer has meaning */
#define IGNORE_URL_WIN 0
int php_init_stream_wrappers(int module_number TSRMLS_DC);
int php_shutdown_stream_wrappers(int module_number TSRMLS_DC);
PHPAPI int php_register_url_stream_wrapper(char *protocol, php_stream_wrapper *wrapper TSRMLS_DC);
PHPAPI int php_unregister_url_stream_wrapper(char *protocol TSRMLS_DC);
PHPAPI php_stream *_php_stream_open_wrapper_ex(char *path, char *mode, int options, char **opened_path, php_stream_context *context STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
PHPAPI php_stream_wrapper *php_stream_locate_url_wrapper(const char *path, char **path_for_open, int options TSRMLS_DC);
PHPAPI char *php_stream_locate_eol(php_stream *stream, char *buf, size_t buf_len TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_open_wrapper(path, mode, options, opened) _php_stream_open_wrapper_ex((path), (mode), (options), (opened), NULL STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
#define php_stream_open_wrapper_ex(path, mode, options, opened, context) _php_stream_open_wrapper_ex((path), (mode), (options), (opened), (context) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
/* pushes an error message onto the stack for a wrapper instance */
PHPAPI void php_stream_wrapper_log_error(php_stream_wrapper *wrapper, int options TSRMLS_DC, const char *fmt, ...);
#define PHP_STREAM_UNCHANGED 0 /* orig stream was seekable anyway */
#define PHP_STREAM_RELEASED 1 /* newstream should be used; origstream is no longer valid */
#define PHP_STREAM_FAILED 2 /* an error occurred while attempting conversion */
#define PHP_STREAM_CRITICAL 3 /* an error occurred; origstream is in an unknown state; you should close origstream */
/* DO NOT call this on streams that are referenced by resources! */
PHPAPI int _php_stream_make_seekable(php_stream *origstream, php_stream **newstream, int flags STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_make_seekable(origstream, newstream, flags) _php_stream_make_seekable((origstream), (newstream), (flags) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
/* This is a utility API for extensions that are opening a stream, converting it
* to a FILE* and then closing it again. Be warned that fileno() on the result
* will most likely fail on systems with fopencookie. */
PHPAPI FILE * _php_stream_open_wrapper_as_file(char * path, char * mode, int options, char **opened_path STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC);
#define php_stream_open_wrapper_as_file(path, mode, options, opened_path) _php_stream_open_wrapper_as_file((path), (mode), (options), (opened_path) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC)
/* for user-space streams */
PHPAPI extern php_stream_ops php_stream_userspace_ops;
PHPAPI extern php_stream_ops php_stream_userspace_dir_ops;
#define PHP_STREAM_IS_USERSPACE &php_stream_userspace_ops
#define PHP_STREAM_IS_USERSPACE_DIR &php_stream_userspace_dir_ops
PHPAPI void php_stream_context_free(php_stream_context *context);
PHPAPI php_stream_context *php_stream_context_alloc(void);
PHPAPI int php_stream_context_get_option(php_stream_context *context,
const char *wrappername, const char *optionname, zval ***optionvalue);
PHPAPI int php_stream_context_set_option(php_stream_context *context,
const char *wrappername, const char *optionname, zval *optionvalue);
PHPAPI php_stream_notifier *php_stream_notification_alloc(void);
PHPAPI void php_stream_notification_free(php_stream_notifier *notifier);
/* not all notification codes are implemented */
PHPAPI void php_stream_notification_notify(php_stream_context *context, int notifycode, int severity,
char *xmsg, int xcode, size_t bytes_sofar, size_t bytes_max, void * ptr TSRMLS_DC);
PHPAPI php_stream_context *php_stream_context_set(php_stream *stream, php_stream_context *context);
#define php_stream_notify_info(context, code, xmsg, xcode) do { if ((context) && (context)->notifier) { \
php_stream_notification_notify((context), (code), PHP_STREAM_NOTIFY_SEVERITY_INFO, \
(xmsg), (xcode), 0, 0, NULL TSRMLS_CC); } } while (0)
#define php_stream_notify_progress(context, bsofar, bmax) do { if ((context) && (context)->notifier) { \
php_stream_notification_notify((context), PHP_STREAM_NOTIFY_PROGRESS, PHP_STREAM_NOTIFY_SEVERITY_INFO, \
NULL, 0, (bsofar), (bmax), NULL TSRMLS_CC); } } while(0)
#define php_stream_notify_progress_init(context, sofar, bmax) do { if ((context) && (context)->notifier) { \
(context)->notifier->progress = (sofar); \
(context)->notifier->progress_max = (bmax); \
(context)->notifier->mask |= PHP_STREAM_NOTIFIER_PROGRESS; \
php_stream_notify_progress((context), (sofar), (bmax)); } } while (0)
#define php_stream_notify_progress_increment(context, dsofar, dmax) do { if ((context) && (context)->notifier && (context)->notifier->mask & PHP_STREAM_NOTIFIER_PROGRESS) { \
(context)->notifier->progress += (dsofar); \
(context)->notifier->progress_max += (dmax); \
php_stream_notify_progress((context), (context)->notifier->progress, (context)->notifier->progress_max); } } while (0)
#define php_stream_notify_file_size(context, file_size, xmsg, xcode) do { if ((context) && (context)->notifier) { \
php_stream_notification_notify((context), PHP_STREAM_NOTIFY_FILE_SIZE_IS, PHP_STREAM_NOTIFY_SEVERITY_INFO, \
(xmsg), (xcode), 0, (file_size), NULL TSRMLS_CC); } } while(0)
#define php_stream_notify_error(context, code, xmsg, xcode) do { if ((context) && (context)->notifier) {\
php_stream_notification_notify((context), (code), PHP_STREAM_NOTIFY_SEVERITY_ERR, \
(xmsg), (xcode), 0, 0, NULL TSRMLS_CC); } } while(0)
/* Give other modules access to the url_stream_wrappers_hash */
PHPAPI HashTable *php_stream_get_url_stream_wrappers_hash();
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