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Rules for building IMAP
Note 1: You *must* use NT's cmd.exe for this job; 4NT.exe will NOT work properly.
Note 2: During the entire build process, you can ignore warnings about
inconsistent DLL linkage.
- Open IMAP under php_build. Rename this directory to 'IMAP'.
- Change to the IMAP directory.
- Edit .\src\osdep\nt\makefile.nt:
Search for '/MT', and change it to '/MD'. If you're compiling in DEBUG mode,
use '/MDd' instead.
Search for 'ERASE'. Comment out the line that contains the ERASE command.
- Run 'nmake nt'
---Begin Win2K only---
- At some point, the build will fail. Rerun 'nmake nt'.
- After a while, the build will fail again, failing to find auths.c.
- Change directory to 'c-client'
- Create an a file named auths.c, that includes the following line:
#include "auth_md5.c"
- Run 'nmake -f makefile.nt'
---End Win2K only---
At this point (even if the last build apparently failed), you should have the
client library ready (cclient.lib).
Start Visual Studio, load php_modules.dsw, select the IMAP projects, and build
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