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// $Id$
// vim:ft=javascript
ARG_ENABLE("bcmath", "bc style precision math functions", "yes");
if (PHP_BCMATH == "yes") {
EXTENSION("bcmath", "bcmath.c", null, "-Iext/bcmath/libbcmath/src");
ADD_SOURCES("ext/bcmath/libbcmath/src", "add.c div.c init.c neg.c \
outofmem.c raisemod.c rt.c sub.c compare.c divmod.c int2num.c \
num2long.c output.c recmul.c sqrt.c zero.c debug.c doaddsub.c \
nearzero.c num2str.c raise.c rmzero.c str2num.c", "bcmath");
AC_DEFINE('HAVE_BCMATH', 1, 'Have BCMATH library');
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