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<package version="1.0">
<summary>pHASH Message Digest Framework</summary>
Native implementations of common message digest algorithms using a generic factory method
<name>Sara Golemon</name>
<name>Michael Wallner</name>
Fixed PECL bug #6183 - haval source file entries missing in package.xml
Supported Algorithms:
* md4, md5
* sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512
* ripemd128, ripemd160
* tiger128, tiger160, tiger192 (3 and 4 passes)
* haval128, haval160, haval192, haval224, haval256 (3, 4 and 5 passes)
* crc32, crc32b, adler32, gost, snefru, whirlpool
<file role="src" name="config.m4"/>
<file role="src" name="config.w32"/>
<file role="src" name="hash.c"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash.h"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_types.h"/>
<file role="src" name="hash_md.c"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_md.h"/>
<file role="src" name="hash_sha.c"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_sha.h"/>
<file role="src" name="hash_ripemd.c"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_ripemd.h"/>
<file role="src" name="hash_whirlpool.c"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_whirlpool.h"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_whirlpool_tables.h"/>
<file role="src" name="hash_tiger.c"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_tiger.h"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_tiger_tables.h"/>
<file role="src" name="hash_snefru.c"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_snefru.h"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_snefru_tables.h"/>
<file role="src" name="hash_gost.c"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_gost.h"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_gost_tables.h"/>
<file role="src" name="hash_adler32.c"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_adler32.h"/>
<file role="src" name="hash_crc32.c"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_crc32.h"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_crc32_tables.h"/>
<file role="src" name="hash_haval.c"/>
<file role="src" name="php_hash_haval.h"/>
<file role="doc" name="README"/>
<dir role="test" name="tests">
<file role="test" name="hmac-md5.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="md4.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="md5.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="sha1.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="sha256.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="sha384.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="sha512.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="ripemd128.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="ripemd160.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="haval.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="tiger.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="whirlpool.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="gost.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="snefru.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="crc32.phpt"/>
<file role="test" name="adler32.phpt"/>
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