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ext/mysqlnd/mysqlnd.h ident
ext/simplexml/simplexml.c ident
ext/iconv/php_iconv.h ident
ext/posix/posix.c ident
ext/recode/recode.c ident
ext/skeleton/create_stubs ident
ext/phar/phar/ ident
ext/phar/phar.c ident
ext/sysvmsg/sysvmsg.c ident
ext/enchant/enchant.c ident
ext/reflection/php_reflection.c ident
ext/oci8/oci8.c ident
ext/dba/libinifile/inifile.c ident
ext/dba/libflatfile/flatfile.c ident
ext/dba/libcdb/cdb_make.c ident
ext/dba/libcdb/cdb.c ident
ext/filter/filter.c ident
README.input_filter ident
run-tests.php ident
sapi/nsapi/nsapi.c ident
sapi/continuity/capi.c ident
Zend/RFCs/002.txt ident
Zend/RFCs/003.txt ident
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