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| Zend Engine |
| Copyright (c) 1998-2012 Zend Technologies Ltd. ( |
| This source file is subject to version 2.00 of the Zend license, |
| that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE, and is |
| available through the world-wide-web at the following url: |
| |
| If you did not receive a copy of the Zend license and are unable to |
| obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send a note to |
| so we can mail you a copy immediately. |
| Authors: Andi Gutmans <> |
| Zeev Suraski <> |
/* $Id$ */
#include "zend.h"
typedef void (*zend_objects_store_dtor_t)(void *object, zend_object_handle handle TSRMLS_DC);
typedef void (*zend_objects_free_object_storage_t)(void *object TSRMLS_DC);
typedef void (*zend_objects_store_clone_t)(void *object, void **object_clone TSRMLS_DC);
typedef struct _zend_object_store_bucket {
zend_bool destructor_called;
zend_bool valid;
union _store_bucket {
struct _store_object {
void *object;
zend_objects_store_dtor_t dtor;
zend_objects_free_object_storage_t free_storage;
zend_objects_store_clone_t clone;
const zend_object_handlers *handlers;
zend_uint refcount;
gc_root_buffer *buffered;
} obj;
struct {
int next;
} free_list;
} bucket;
} zend_object_store_bucket;
typedef struct _zend_objects_store {
zend_object_store_bucket *object_buckets;
zend_uint top;
zend_uint size;
int free_list_head;
} zend_objects_store;
/* Global store handling functions */
ZEND_API void zend_objects_store_init(zend_objects_store *objects, zend_uint init_size);
ZEND_API void zend_objects_store_call_destructors(zend_objects_store *objects TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void zend_objects_store_mark_destructed(zend_objects_store *objects TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void zend_objects_store_destroy(zend_objects_store *objects);
/* Store API functions */
ZEND_API zend_object_handle zend_objects_store_put(void *object, zend_objects_store_dtor_t dtor, zend_objects_free_object_storage_t storage, zend_objects_store_clone_t clone TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void zend_objects_store_add_ref(zval *object TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void zend_objects_store_del_ref(zval *object TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void zend_objects_store_add_ref_by_handle(zend_object_handle handle TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void zend_objects_store_del_ref_by_handle_ex(zend_object_handle handle, const zend_object_handlers *handlers TSRMLS_DC);
static inline void zend_objects_store_del_ref_by_handle(zend_object_handle handle TSRMLS_DC) {
zend_objects_store_del_ref_by_handle_ex(handle, NULL TSRMLS_CC);
ZEND_API zend_uint zend_objects_store_get_refcount(zval *object TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API zend_object_value zend_objects_store_clone_obj(zval *object TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void *zend_object_store_get_object(const zval *object TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void *zend_object_store_get_object_by_handle(zend_object_handle handle TSRMLS_DC);
/* See comment in zend_objects_API.c before you use this */
ZEND_API void zend_object_store_set_object(zval *zobject, void *object TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void zend_object_store_ctor_failed(zval *zobject TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API void zend_objects_store_free_object_storage(zend_objects_store *objects TSRMLS_DC);
#define ZEND_OBJECTS_STORE_HANDLERS zend_objects_store_add_ref, zend_objects_store_del_ref, zend_objects_store_clone_obj
ZEND_API zval *zend_object_create_proxy(zval *object, zval *member TSRMLS_DC);
ZEND_API zend_object_handlers *zend_get_std_object_handlers(void);
#endif /* ZEND_OBJECTS_H */
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