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- per-virtual-server configuration
- configurable limit of number of concurrent PHP executions
- fix setting of auth info.
+ => fixed
- => not fixed and no fix planned
? => Maybe fixed, maybe not.
+ Allow multiple headers
This is now fixed.
+ fix backtraces
Uses th_farm, thus problem is fixed
+ exit in PHP exits Caudium
Name conflict with do_exit in Pike and PHP. Reported to both teams.
+ POST newline added?
Was a Caudium bug.
+ use th_farm
Yeppers. Works great.
- change cwd in single threaded mode
There will be no single threaded mode support. The Caudium module
will requite PHP ZTS and Pike threads to run. Single threaded PHP
is rather uninteresting anyway.
? Recursive mutex lock problem:
Dunno if this is fixed. Major rewrite so it would have to be
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