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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
<!DOCTYPE package SYSTEM "../pear/package.dtd">
<summary>Process control functions</summary>
<name>Jason Greene</name>
Process Control support in PHP implements the Unix style
of process creation, program execution, signal handling
and process termination. Process Control should not be
enabled within a webserver environment and unexpected
results may happen if any Process Control functions
are used within a webserver environment.
package.xml added to support installation using pear installer
<file role="doc" name="CREDITS"/>
<file role="doc" name="README"/>
<file role="src" name="config.m4"/>
<file role="src" name="pcntl.c"/>
<file role="src" name="php_pcntl.h"/>
<file role="src" name="php_signal.c"/>
<file role="src" name="php_signal.h"/>
<file role="test" name="test-pcntl.php"/>
<file role="test" name="tests/001.phpt"/>
<dep type="php" rel="ge" version="5" />
<!-- doesn't work yet <dep type="os" rel="has" name="unix"/> -->
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