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06 Jun 2013, PHP 5.5.0 Release Candidate 3
- Core:
. Fixed bug #64960 (Segfault in gc_zval_possible_root). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #64879 (Heap based buffer overflow in quoted_printable_encode,
CVE 2013-2110). (Stas)
- FPM:
. Fixed Bug #64915 (error_log ignored when daemonize=0). (Remi)
- GD:
. Fixed Bug #64962 (imagerotate produces corrupted image). (Remi)
. Fixed Bug #64961 (segfault in imagesetinterpolation). (Remi)
- Hash:
. Fixed Bug #64745 (hash_pbkdf2() truncates data when using default length
and hex output). (Anthony Ferrara)
- PDO_DBlib:
. Fixed bug #63638 (Cannot connect to SQL Server 2008 with PDO dblib).
(Stanley Sufficool)
. Fixed bug #64338 (pdo_dblib can't connect to Azure SQL). (Stanley
. Fixed bug #64808 (FreeTDS PDO getColumnMeta on a prepared but not executed
statement crashes). (Stanley Sufficool)
- PDO_pgsql:
. Fixed Bug #64949 (Buffer overflow in _pdo_pgsql_error). (Remi)
23 May 2013, PHP 5.5.0 Release Candidate 2
- Core:
. Fixed bug #64660 (Segfault on memory exhaustion within function definition).
(Stas, reported by Juha Kylmänen)
. Fixed bug #64720 (SegFault on zend_deactivate). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #64853 (Use of no longer available ini directives causes crash
on TS build). (Anatol)
- Calendar:
. Fixed bug #64895 (Integer overflow in SndToJewish). (Remi)
- Fileinfo:
. Fixed bug #64830 (mimetype detection segfaults on mp3 file). (Anatol)
- FPM:
. Add --with-fpm-systemd option to report health to systemd, and
systemd_interval option to configure this. The service can now use
Type=notify in the systemd unit file. (Remi)
- mbstring:
. Fixed bug #64769 (mbstring PHPTs crash on Windows x64). (Anatol)
- mysqli:
. Fixed bug #64394 (MYSQL_OPT_CAN_HANDLE_EXPIRED_PASSWORDS undeclared when
using Connector/C). (Andrey)
- Sockets:
. Fixed bug #64508 (Fails to build with --disable-ipv6). (Gustavo)
- Zend Engine:
. Fixed bug #64821 (Custom Exceptions crash when internal properties overridden).
- DateTime
. Fixed bug #64825 (Invalid free when unserializing DateTimeZone).
09 May 2013, PHP 5.5.0 Release Candidate 1
- FPM:
. Ignore QUERY_STRING when sent in SCRIPT_FILENAME. (Remi)
. Fixed some possible memory or resource leaks and possible null dereference
detected by code coverity scan. (Remi)
. Log a warning when a syscall fails. (Remi)
- GD:
. Fix build with system libgd >= 2.1 which is now the minimal
version required (as build with previous version is broken).
No change when bundled libgd is used. (Ondrej Sury, Remi)
. Fixed bug #64765 (Some IPv6 addresses get interpreted wrong).
(Boris Lytochkin)
. Fixed bug #64159 (Truncated snmpget). (Boris Lytochkin)
- Streams:
. Fixed bug #64770 (stream_select() fails with pipes returned by proc_open()
on Windows x64). (Anatol)
25 Apr 2013, PHP 5.5.0 Beta 4
- Core:
. Fixed bug #64677 (execution operator `` stealing surrounding arguments).
. Remove curl stream wrappers. (Pierrick)
- MySQLi:
. Fixed bug #64726 (Segfault when calling fetch_object on a use_result and DB
pointer has closed). (Laruence)
- Zip:
. Fixed bug #64342 (ZipArchive::addFile() has to check for file existence).
. Added SoapClient constructor option 'ssl_method' to specify ssl method.
(Eric Iversen)
- Streams:
. Fixed Windows x64 version of stream_socket_pair() and improved error
handling. (Anatol Belski)
11 Apr 2013, PHP 5.5.0 Beta 3
- Core:
. Fixed bug #64578 (debug_backtrace in set_error_handler corrupts zend heap:
segfault). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #64565 (copy doesn't report failure on partial copy). (Remi)
. Fixed bug #64555 (foreach no longer copies keys if they are interned).
(Nikita Popov)
. Fixed bugs #47675 and #64577 (fd leak on Solaris)
. Added CURL_WRAPPERS_ENABLED constant. (Laruence)
- DateTime
. Fixed bug #54567 (DateTimeZone serialize/unserialize) (Lonny
Kapelushnik, Derick)
. Fixed bug #60774 (DateInterval::format("%a") is always zero when an
interval is created using the createFromDateString method) (Lonny
Kapelushnik, Derick)
- General improvements:
. Drop support for bison < 2.4 when building PHP from GIT source.
- Fileinfo:
. Upgraded libmagic to 5.14. (Anatol)
- OPcache
. Added opcache_invalidate() function. (Dmitry)
. Added ability to disable opcode cahing for current request by setting
opcache.enable=0. (Dmitry)
. Allowed comments in blacklist files started from ';'. (Remi)
. Allowed wilcards in opcache.blacklist_filename. (Remi)
. Fixed opcache reload condition. Now OPcache is not reloaded if it's full,
but wasted memory is less than opcache.max_wasted_percentage. (Dmitry)
. Fixed incorrect file path validation. (Dmitry).
. Optimizer: Fixed Control Flow Graph construction. (Dmitry)
. Optimizer: numeric string constants used as array indeces have to be
converted to long at compile time. (Dmitry)
. Optimizer: Fixed deltion of used literal. (Laruence, Dmitry)
28 Mar 2013, PHP 5.5.0 Beta 2
- Core:
. Fixed bug #64544 (Valgrind warnings after using putenv). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #64515 (Memoryleak when using the same variablename 2times in
function declaration). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #64503 (Compilation fails with error: conflicting types for
'zendparse'). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #64239 (Debug backtrace changed behavior since 5.4.10 or 5.4.11).
(Dmitry, Laruence)
. Fixed bug #64523, allow XOR in php.ini. (Dejan Marjanovic, Lars)
- Opcache:
. Fixed bug # 64490 (struct flock undefined on FreeBSD). (Joe Watkins)
21 Mar 2013, PHP 5.5.0 Beta 1
- Core:
. Added Zend Opcache extension and enable building it by default.
More details here: (Dmitry)
. Added array_column function which returns a column in a multidimensional
array. (Ben Ramsey)
. Fixed bug #64354 (Unserialize array of objects whose class can't
be autoloaded fail). (Laruence)
. Added support for changing the process's title in CLI/CLI-Server SAPIs.
The implementation is more robust that the proctitle PECL module. More
details here: (Keyur)
. Fixed bug #64370 (microtime(true) less than $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT']).
. Added support for non-scalar Iterator keys in foreach
( (Nikita Popov)
- mysqlnd
. Fixed bug #63530 (mysqlnd_stmt::bind_one_parameter crashes, uses wrong alloc
for stmt->param_bind). (Andrey)
- DateTime
. Fixed bug #53437 (Crash when using unserialized DatePeriod instance).
(Gustavo, Derick, Anatol)
. Fixed bug #62852 (Unserialize Invalid Date causes crash). (Anatol)
- SPL:
. Implement FR #48358 (Add SplDoublyLinkedList::add() to insert an element
at a given offset). (Mark Baker, David Soria Parra)
- Zip:
. Bug #64452 (Zip crash intermittently). (Anatol)
07 Mar 2013, PHP 5.5.0 Alpha 6
- Core:
. Fixed bug #61025 (__invoke() visibility not honored). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #49348 (Uninitialized ++$foo->bar; does not cause a notice).
- Sockets:
. Fixed bug #64287 (sendmsg/recvmsg shutdown handler causes segfault).
. Merged PCRE 8.32. (Anatol)
- DateTime:
. Fixed bug #64359 (strftime crash with VS2012). (Anatol)
. Fixed bug #61981 (OO API, walk: $suffix_as_key is not working correctly).
(Boris Lytochkin)
21 Feb 2013, PHP 5.5.0 Alpha 5
- Core:
. Implemented FR #64175 (Added HTTP codes as of RFC 6585). (Jonh Wendell)
. Fixed bug #64135 (Exceptions from set_error_handler are not always
propagated). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #63830 (Segfault on undefined function call in nested generator).
(Nikita Popov)
. Fixed bug #60833 (self, parent, static behave inconsistently
case-sensitive). (Stas, mario at include-once dot org)
. Implemented FR #60524 (specify temp dir by php.ini). (ALeX Kazik).
. Fixed bug #64142 (dval to lval different behavior on ppc64). (Remi)
. Added ARMv7/v8 versions of various Zend arithmetic functions that are
implemented using inline assembler (Ard Biesheuvel)
. Fix undefined behavior when converting double variables to integers.
The double is now always rounded towards zero, the remainder of its division
by 2^32 or 2^64 (depending on sizeof(long)) is calculated and it's made
signed assuming a two's complement representation. (Gustavo)
- CLI server:
. Fixed bug #64128 (buit-in web server is broken on ppc64). (Remi)
- cURL:
. Implemented FR #46439 - added CURLFile for safer file uploads.
- Intl:
. Cherry-picked UConverter wrapper, which had accidentaly been committed only
to master.
- mysqli
. Added mysqli_begin_transaction()/mysqli::begin_transaction(). Implemented
all options, per MySQL 5.6, which can be used with START TRANSACTION, COMMIT
and ROLLBACK through options to mysqli_commit()/mysqli_rollback() and their
respective OO counterparts. They work in libmysql and mysqlnd mode. (Andrey)
. Added mysqli_savepoint(), mysqli_release_savepoint(). (Andrey)
- mysqlnd
. Add new begin_transaction() call to the connection object. Implemented all
options, per MySQL 5.6, which can be used with START TRANSACTION, COMMIT
and ROLLBACK. (Andrey)
. Added mysqlnd_savepoint(), mysqlnd_release_savepoint(). (Andrey)
- Sockets:
. Added recvmsg() and sendmsg() wrappers. (Gustavo)
- Filter:
. Implemented FR #49180 - added MAC address validation. (Martin)
- Phar:
. Fixed timestamp update on Phar contents modification. (Dmitry)
- SPL:
. Fixed bug #64264 (SPLFixedArray toArray problem). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #64228 (RecursiveDirectoryIterator always assumes SKIP_DOTS).
(patch by, Laruence)
. Fixed bug #64106 (Segfault on SplFixedArray[][x] = y when extended).
(Nikita Popov)
. Fixed bug #52861 (unset fails with ArrayObject and deep arrays).
(Mike Willbanks)
. Fixed bug #64124 (IPv6 malformed). (Boris Lytochkin)
24 Jan 2013, PHP 5.5.0 Alpha 4
- Core:
. Fixed bug #63980 (object members get trimmed by zero bytes). (Laruence)
. Implemented RFC for Class Name Resolution As Scalar Via "class" Keyword.
(Ralph Schindler, Nikita Popov, Lars)
- DateTime
. Added DateTimeImmutable - a variant of DateTime that only returns the
modified state instead of changing itself. (Derick)
- FPM:
. Fixed bug #63999 (php with fpm fails to build on Solaris 10 or 11). (Adam)
- pgsql:
. Bug #46408: Locale number format settings can cause pg_query_params to
break with numerics. (asmecher, Lars)
- dba:
. Bug #62489: dba_insert not working as expected.
(marc-bennewitz at arcor dot de, Lars)
- Reflection:
. Fixed bug #64007 (There is an ability to create instance of Generator by
hand). (Laruence)
10 Jan 2013, PHP 5.5.0 Alpha 3
- General improvements:
. Fixed bug #63874 (Segfault if php_strip_whitespace has heredoc). (Pierrick)
. Fixed bug #63822 (Crash when using closures with ArrayAccess).
(Nikita Popov)
. Add Generator::throw() method. (Nikita Popov)
. Bug #23955: allow specifying Max-Age attribute in setcookie() (narfbg, Lars)
. Bug #52126: timestamp for mail.log (Martin Jansen, Lars)
- mysqlnd
. Fixed return value of mysqli_stmt_affected_rows() in the time after
prepare() and before execute(). (Andrey)
- cURL:
. Added new functions curl_escape, curl_multi_setopt, curl_multi_strerror
curl_pause, curl_reset, curl_share_close, curl_share_init,
curl_share_setopt curl_strerror and curl_unescape. (Pierrick)
18 Dec 2012, PHP 5.5.0 Alpha 2
- General improvements:
. Added systemtap support by enabling systemtap compatible dtrace probes on
linux. (David Soria Parra)
. Added support for using empty() on the result of function calls and
other expressions (
(Nikita Popov)
. Optimized access to temporary and compiled VM variables. 8% less memory
reads. (Dmitry)
. The VM stacks for passing function arguments and syntaticaly nested calls
were merged into a single stack. The stack size needed for op_array
execution is calculated at compile time and preallocated at once. As result
all the stack push operatins don't require checks for stack overflow
any more. (Dmitry)
. This extension is now deprecated, and deprecation warnings will be generated
when connections are established to databases via mysql_connect(),
mysql_pconnect(), or through implicit connection: use MySQLi or PDO_MySQL
instead ( (Adam)
- Fileinfo:
. Fixed bug #63590 (Different results in TS and NTS under Windows).
- Apache2 Handler SAPI:
. Enabled Apache 2.4 configure option for Windows (Pierre, Anatoliy)
13 Nov 2012, PHP 5.5.0 Alpha 1
- General improvements:
. Added generators and coroutines (
(Nikita Popov)
. Added "finally" keyword ( (Laruence)
. Add simplified password hashing API
( (Anthony Ferrara)
. Added support for list in foreach (
. Added support for using empty() on the result of function calls and
other expressions (
(Nikita Popov)
. Added support for constant array/string dereferencing. (Laruence)
. Improve set_exception_handler while doing reset.(Laruence)
. Remove php_logo_guid(), php_egg_logo_guid(), php_real_logo_guid(),
zend_logo_guid(). (Adnrew Faulds)
. Drop Windows XP and 2003 support. (Pierre)
- Calendar:
. Fixed bug #54254 (cal_from_jd returns month = 6 when there is only one Adar)
(Stas, Eitan Mosenkis)
- Core:
. Added boolval(). (Jille Timmermans)
. Added "Z" option to pack/unpack. (Gustavo)
. Implemented FR #60738 (Allow 'set_error_handler' to handle NULL).
(Laruence, Nikita Popov)
. Added optional second argument for assert() to specify custom message. Patch
by Lonny Kapelushnik ( (Lars)
. Fixed bug #18556 (Engine uses locale rules to handle class names). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #61681 (Malformed grammar). (Nikita Popov, Etienne, Laruence)
. Fixed bug #61038 (unpack("a5", "str\0\0") does not work as expected).
(srgoogleguy, Gustavo)
. Return previous handler when passing NULL to set_error_handler and
set_exception_handler. (Nikita Popov)
- cURL:
. Fixed bug #55635 (CURLOPT_BINARYTRANSFER no longer used. The constant
still exists for backward compatibility but is doing nothing). (Pierrick)
. Fixed bug #54995 (Missing CURLINFO_RESPONSE_CODE support). (Pierrick)
- Datetime
. Fixed bug #61642 (modify("+5 weekdays") returns Sunday).
(Dmitri Iouchtchenko)
- Hash
. Added support for PBKDF2 via hash_pbkdf2(). (Anthony Ferrara)
- Intl
. The intl extension now requires ICU 4.0+.
. Added intl.use_exceptions INI directive, which controls what happens when
global errors are set together with intl.error_level. (Gustavo)
. MessageFormatter::format() and related functions now accepted named
arguments and mixed numeric/named arguments in ICU 4.8+. (Gustavo)
. MessageFormatter::format() and related functions now don't error out when
an insufficient argument count is provided. Instead, the placeholders will
remain unsubstituted. (Gustavo)
. MessageFormatter::parse() and MessageFormat::format() (and their static
equivalents) don't throw away better than second precision in the arguments.
. IntlDateFormatter::__construct and datefmt_create() now accept for the
$timezone argument time zone identifiers, IntlTimeZone objects, DateTimeZone
objects and NULL. (Gustavo)
. IntlDateFormatter::__construct and datefmt_create() no longer accept invalid
timezone identifiers or empty strings. (Gustavo)
. The default time zone used in IntlDateFormatter::__construct and
datefmt_create() (when the corresponding argument is not passed or NULL is
passed) is now the one given by date_default_timezone_get(), not the
default ICU time zone. (Gustavo)
. The time zone passed to the IntlDateFormatter is ignored if it is NULL and
if the calendar passed is an IntlCalendar object -- in this case, the
IntlCalendar's time zone will be used instead. Otherwise, the time zone
specified in the $timezone argument is used instead. This does not affect
old code, as IntlCalendar was introduced in this version. (Gustavo)
. IntlDateFormatter::__construct and datefmt_create() now accept for the
$calendar argument also IntlCalendar objects. (Gustavo)
. IntlDateFormatter::getCalendar() and datefmt_get_calendar() return false
if the IntlDateFormatter was set up with an IntlCalendar instead of the
constants IntlDateFormatter::GREGORIAN/TRADITIONAL. IntlCalendar did not
exist before this version. (Gustavo)
. IntlDateFormatter::setCalendar() and datefmt_set_calendar() now also accept
an IntlCalendar object, in which case its time zone is taken. Passing a
constant is still allowed, and still keeps the time zone. (Gustavo)
. IntlDateFormatter::setTimeZoneID() and datefmt_set_timezone_id() are
deprecated. Use IntlDateFormatter::setTimeZone() or datefmt_set_timezone()
instead. (Gustavo)
. IntlDateFormatter::format() and datefmt_format() now also accept an
IntlCalendar object for formatting. (Gustavo)
. Added the classes: IntlCalendar, IntlGregorianCalendar, IntlTimeZone,
IntlBreakIterator, IntlRuleBasedBreakIterator and
IntlCodePointBreakIterator. (Gustavo)
. Added the functions: intlcal_get_keyword_values_for_locale(),
intlcal_get_now(), intlcal_get_available_locales(), intlcal_get(),
intlcal_get_time(), intlcal_set_time(), intlcal_add(),
intlcal_set_time_zone(), intlcal_after(), intlcal_before(), intlcal_set(),
intlcal_roll(), intlcal_clear(), intlcal_field_difference(),
intlcal_get_actual_maximum(), intlcal_get_actual_minimum(),
intlcal_get_day_of_week_type(), intlcal_get_first_day_of_week(),
intlcal_get_greatest_minimum(), intlcal_get_least_maximum(),
intlcal_get_locale(), intlcal_get_maximum(),
intlcal_get_minimal_days_in_first_week(), intlcal_get_minimum(),
intlcal_get_time_zone(), intlcal_get_type(),
intlcal_get_weekend_transition(), intlcal_in_daylight_time(),
intlcal_is_equivalent_to(), intlcal_is_lenient(), intlcal_is_set(),
intlcal_is_weekend(), intlcal_set_first_day_of_week(),
intlcal_set_lenient(), intlcal_equals(),
intlcal_set_skipped_wall_time_option(), intlcal_from_date_time(),
intlcal_to_date_time(), intlcal_get_error_code(),
intlcal_get_error_message(), intlgregcal_create_instance(),
intlgregcal_set_gregorian_change(), intlgregcal_get_gregorian_change() and
intlgregcal_is_leap_year(). (Gustavo)
. Added the functions: intltz_create_time_zone(), intltz_create_default(),
intltz_get_id(), intltz_get_gmt(), intltz_get_unknown(),
intltz_create_enumeration(), intltz_count_equivalent_ids(),
intltz_create_time_zone_id_enumeration(), intltz_get_canonical_id(),
intltz_get_region(), intltz_get_tz_data_version(),
intltz_get_equivalent_id(), intltz_use_daylight_time(), intltz_get_offset(),
intltz_get_raw_offset(), intltz_has_same_rules(), intltz_get_display_name(),
intltz_get_dst_savings(), intltz_from_date_time_zone(),
intltz_to_date_time_zone(), intltz_get_error_code(),
intltz_get_error_message(). (Gustavo)
. Added the methods: IntlDateFormatter::formatObject(),
IntlDateFormatter::getCalendarObject(), IntlDateFormatter::getTimeZone(),
IntlDateFormatter::setTimeZone(). (Gustavo)
. Added the functions: datefmt_format_object(), datefmt_get_calendar_object(),
datefmt_get_timezone(), datefmt_set_timezone(),
datefmt_get_calendar_object(), intlcal_create_instance(). (Gustavo)
- MCrypt
. mcrypt_ecb(), mcrypt_cbc(), mcrypt_cfb() and mcrypt_ofb() now throw
- MySQLi
. Dropped support for LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE handlers when using libmysql.
Known for stability problems. (Andrey)
. Added support for SHA256 authentication available with MySQL 5.6.6+.
. Deprecated the /e modifier
( (Nikita Popov)
. Fixed bug #63284 (Upgrade PCRE to 8.31). (Anatoliy)
- pgsql
. Added pg_escape_literal() and pg_escape_identifier() (Yasuo)
. Fix bug #60560 (SplFixedArray un-/serialize, getSize(), count() return 0,
keys are strings). (Adam)
- Tokenizer:
. Fixed bug #60097 (token_get_all fails to lex nested heredoc). (Nikita Popov)
- Zip:
. Upgraded libzip to 0.10.1 (Anatoliy)
- Fileinfo:
. Fixed bug #63248 (Load multiple magic files from a directory under Windows).
- General improvements:
. Implemented FR #46487 (Dereferencing process-handles no longer waits on
those processes). (Jille Timmermans)
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