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It is not longer required to update php_version.php in php-bugs/

The bugtracker fetches the version list from the qa site, updating
php_version.php is not required anymore.
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commit 0dfd985fb2d1f7e4f35c9d70993f01d86afef200 1 parent 2d97e08
@dsp dsp authored
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@@ -113,20 +113,17 @@ Derick) run the following commands for you:
Note: Remember to update the MD5 checksum information.
-1. Update in ``web/php-bugs/trunk/include/php_versions.php`` to include the new RC and commit.
-2. Update ``web/php/trunk/include/`` (x=major version number)
+4. Update ``web/php/trunk/include/`` (x=major version number)
a. ``$PHP_x_RC`` = "5.3.0RC1"
b. ``$PHP_x_RC_DATE`` = "06 September 2007"
-3. Commit those changes:
+5. Commit those changes:
a. ``svn commit web/qa/trunk web/php-bugs/trunk web/php/trunk``
-4. For the first RC, write the doc team ( about updating the
+6. For the first RC, write the doc team ( about updating the
INSTALL and win32/install.txt files which are generated from the PHP manual sources.
Rolling a stable release
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