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1 parent c74bb58 commit 0fa195d29e88917a8d3ee4e132ccf91e4fe1b69e Andrey Hristov committed Jan 17, 2004
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However the PHPDoc style comments /** */ ,which starting PHP5 are parsed
by PHP, are recongnized as T_DOC_COMMENT.
-7. $argv and $argc are populated always in CLI mode. On the other hand
- $_SERVER['argc'] and $_SERVER['argv'] will be available if "S" is contained
- in the "variables_order" php.ini setting.
+7. $_SERVER should be populated with argc and argv if variables_order
+ includes "S". If you have specifically configured your system to not
+ create $_SERVER, then of course it shouldn't be there. The change was to
+ always make argc and argv available in the CLI version regardless of the
+ variables_order setting. As in, the CLI version will now always populate
+ the global $argc and $argv variables.

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