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remove --show-details from lcov's genhtml, as currently we don't sepa…

…rate the coverage data per test, making this option useless

# gathering per test coverage data is possible, but way too slow and would require modifications to run-tests.php
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1 parent a078b56 commit 17ff2f42ff8f9d27a66c9eafe2471abe96d84e44 @nunoplopes nunoplopes committed Jan 4, 2007
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@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ lcov-test
@echo "Generating lcov HTML"
- @$(LTP_GENHTML) --legend --output-directory lcov_html/ --title "PHP Code Coverage" --show-details
+ @$(LTP_GENHTML) --legend --output-directory lcov_html/ --title "PHP Code Coverage"
rm -f

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