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A small start for so called "not-yet-written faq" about small changes…

… that

may make someone's life a nightmare for some time. It will be good when a
change is made a line in this file to be written and then it will be easier
for the doc team to write comprehensive and pretty FAQ for the end users.
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+1. strr(i)pos() now uses the full needle when searching - be aware that code that previous have run now can stop working.
+ EX :
+ <?php
+ var_dump(strrpos("ABCDEF","DEF"));
+ var_dump(strrpos("ABCDEF","DAF"));
+ ?>
+ Will give you differents results. The diffence is in the second cal to strrpos(). The same applies and for strripos().
+2. Change illegal use of string offset from E_WARNING to E_ERROR

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