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As per the suggestion on php-dev, now please #ifdef 0_<username here>

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1 parent e5240d0 commit 2e6d77113969e3e567b7ff5ff8b5c1c4b3859abc Dan Kalowsky committed Aug 13, 2002
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@@ -110,6 +110,11 @@ Exceptions:
Function calls in assert conditions may also cause this problem, if
they modify one of their arguments or global variables.
+[9] When commenting out code using a #if statement, do NOT use 0 only. Append
+ to any 0 an _<cvs username here>. For example, #if 0_FOO, where FOO is
+ cvs user foo. This allows easier tracking of why code was commented out,
+ especially in bundled libraries.
Naming Conventions

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