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1 parent d949733 commit 32dcafc669f9fde937c4dea3324cf50580795996 Sascha Schumann committed Nov 2, 2000
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@@ -17,15 +17,14 @@ global
* make sure all source files have the "right" copyright.
* the following modules still use PHP3_TLS_*() macros (and thereby don't
work in ZTS mode): ext/dav/dav.c, ext/db/db.c, ext/gd/gd.c, ext/ldap/ldap.c
- * INI system causes segfaults in ZTS mode (operates on static HashTable)
* make sure that all ZTS globals get destructed. Most ts_allocate_id()
calls should have a dtor entry.
* activate all extensions by default that don't rely on external
dependices. (eg ftp)
* --enable-all in configure. (--enable-shared=max ...)
* make configure print out a summary when it's done (like XEmacs)
* replace standard functions which work on static data with
- reentrancy-safe functions.
+ reentrancy-safe functions (DONE?).
* on some platforms unimplemented function will just do nothing (e.g. symlink)
they should print a warning or not even be defined!
* implement javadoc based function docs template system.
@@ -51,10 +50,6 @@ ext/dav
* rewrite.
- * port to mcrypt-2.6 or later
* all OCIFetch*() functions should return 0 for no more data and false on error.

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