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add an example for illegal string offset. the example is stolen from …


and Markus should be now satisfied :). Currently this code segfaults with
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1 parent ec7ddff commit 32f41d172d6131cbb98d5c73c7cba82a30170044 Andrey Hristov committed Dec 13, 2003
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@@ -5,8 +5,14 @@
Will give you differents results. The diffence is in the second cal to strrpos(). The same applies and for strripos().
2. Change illegal use of string offset from E_WARNING to E_ERROR
+ EX :
+ marcus@zaphod /usr/src/php5 $ sapi/cli/php -r '$a = "foo"; unset($a[0][1][2]);'
+ Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in Command line code on line 1
3. array_merge() accepts only arrays. If non-array is passed a E_WARNING for every non-array
parameter will be throwed. Be careful because your code may start emitting E_WARNING out of the blue.
4. Be careful when porting from ext/mysql to ext/mysqli. mysqli_fetch_row()/mysqli_fetch_array()/mysql_fetch_assoc()
retun NULL when there is no more data in the result set (ext/mysql's functions return FALSE).

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