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@@ -28,6 +28,17 @@ Both functions return SUCCESS or FAILURE depending on the result.
The auto-conversions are performed as necessary. Arrays, objects, and
resources cannot be auto-converted.
+PHP 5.5 includes a new function:
+int zend_parse_parameter(int flags, int arg_num TSRMLS_DC, zval **arg, const char *spec, ...);
+This function behaves like zend_parse_parameters_ex() except that instead of
+reading the arguments from the stack, it receives a single zval to convert
+(passed with double indirection). The passed zval may be changed in place as
+part of the conversion process.
+See also
Type specifiers
@@ -65,9 +76,13 @@ Type specifiers
will not be touched by the parsing function if they are not
passed to it.
/ - use SEPARATE_ZVAL_IF_NOT_REF() on the parameter it follows
- ! - the parameter it follows can be of specified type or NULL (applies
- to all specifiers except for 'b', 'l', and 'd'). If NULL is passed, the
- results pointer is set to NULL as well.
+ ! - the parameter it follows can be of specified type or NULL. If NULL is
+ passed and the output for such type is a pointer, then the output
+ pointer is set to a native NULL pointer.
+ For 'b', 'l' and 'd', an extra argument of type zend_bool* must be
+ passed after the corresponding bool*, long* or double* arguments,
+ respectively. A non-zero value will be written to the zend_bool iif a
+ PHP NULL is passed.
Note on 64bit compatibility

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