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Github uses a special markdown syntax and display the content of the README
formatted on the front page of the repo. This readme contains information for
github users.
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+The PHP Interpreter
+This is the github mirror of the official PHP repository located at
+[![Build Status](](
+Pull Requests
+PHP accepts pull requests via github. Discussions are done on github, but
+depending on the topic can also be relayed to the official PHP developer
+New features require an RFC and must be accepted by the developers.
+See and for more
+information on the process.
+Bug fixes **do not** require an RFC, but require a bugtracker ticket. Always
+open a ticket at and reference the bug id using #NNNNNN.
+ Fix #55371: get_magic_quotes_gpc() throws deprecation warning
+ After removing magic quotes, the get_magic_quotes_gpc function caused
+ a deprecate warning. get_magic_quotes_gpc can be used to detected
+ the magic_quotes behavior and therefore should not raise a warning at any
+ time. The patch removes this warning
+We do not merge pull requests directly on github. All PRs will be
+pulled and pushed through

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