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Fixed bug #62976 (Notice: could not be converted to int when comparin…

…g some builtin classes)
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commit 5dc2cef370885c552c20f3ff44bccd402850de9e 1 parent 8afb848
@laruence laruence authored
2  NEWS
@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ PHP NEWS
?? ??? 2012, PHP 5.3.16
- Core:
+ . Fixed bug #62976 (Notice: could not be converted to int when comparing
+ some builtin classes). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug (segfault while build with zts and GOTO vm-kind). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #62955 (Only one directive is loaded from "Per Directory Values"
Windows registry). (aserbulov at parallels dot com)
3  Zend/zend_operators.c
@@ -1489,6 +1489,9 @@ ZEND_API int compare_function(zval *result, zval *op1, zval *op2 TSRMLS_DC) /* {
ret = compare_function(result, op1, op_free TSRMLS_CC);
zend_free_obj_get_result(op_free TSRMLS_CC);
return ret;
+ } else if (Z_TYPE_P(op1) == IS_OBJECT) {
@smalyshev Owner

What this result means? And why we're changing engine behavior in stable versions?

@laruence Owner

Hey, this is a bug, fixing this has a little affect, previous this is wrong result.

@nikic Owner
nikic added a note

It still would be nice to know why this was changed in the way it was ;) Why does this particular case return 1? The change is a bit hard to understand if the commit message does not say why it was done :)

@smalyshev Owner

It does change engine behavior, and does so with no discussion on the list or even notice whatsoever. This is not the right way to do things.

@laruence Owner

I am not sure, do you mean I have to disscuss every bug fix of core in ML? do you think it's okey of:
class X {

$obj1 = new X();
$obj2 = new DateTime(("2009-02-12 12:47:41 GMT"));

var_dump($obj1 == $obj2);

result a TRUE?

@laruence Owner

I committed it because I think it's a bug, and the fix is proper, all tests passed.

if you think it's not the right way because I didn't explain what was wrong there, then I can explain...

but I really don't know what kind of bug should be discussed. and discussed with whom?


@smalyshev Owner

Not every bugfix but bugfixes that change core engine behavior - like operations returning different result - if you're committing them into stable versions. On the list, or on the bug, or somewhere - right now there's no explanations of what you did and why except for the patch.

@laruence Owner
laruence added a note

okey, as of 5.3 , the compare behavior has a little improved.

for objects(obj == obj) , it will try many ways to compare them:
1. share same handler (
2. share same object handlers?, if yes call the compare objects handler
3. call the object_handlers->get, to get a sub object for comparing. if it has 'get' handler , but for stdClass their is not.
4. if all above comparing methods can not be applied, then convert both objects to number ,

but for stdClass handler and manyother object handlers, the cast object will return false while converting to number, that means,

var_dump(new Stdclass(1, 2, 3) == new Arrayobject());  => true
var_dump(new Stdclass() == new Arrayobject(range(1, 5)));  => true
var_dump(new DateTime("2009-02-12 12:47:41 GMT") == new Arrayobject(range(1, 5))); => true

tthis fix will only affects the step 4 list above. stop the comparing before convert them both to number, and return unequal

I didn't explain this is because that IMO this is really a simple fix , and has little side-affect. sorry for my poor english, hope I have made the explaination clear.


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+ ZVAL_LONG(result, 1);
+ return SUCCESS;
if (!converted) {
8 tests/lang/compare_objects_basic2.phpt
@@ -20,9 +20,5 @@ var_dump($obj1 == $obj2);
Simple test comparing two objects with different compare callback handler
-Notice: Object of class X could not be converted to int in %s on line %d
-Notice: Object of class DateTime could not be converted to int in %s on line %d
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