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Credit where credit is due.

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1 parent aec7987 commit 64eaef11ad0d81d605a7b7a2fe3e1cbe56945c78 @jparise jparise committed May 17, 2002
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@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@ PHP 4 NEWS
Korean encoding in mbstring. (Rui)
- Win32 mail() supports parsing 'From:' field from header.
(, Markus).
-- Improved IMAP performance when dealing with large mailboxes.
- Submitted by: Rob Siemborski <> (Jon)
+- Improved IMAP extension performance. (,
+, Jon)
- Added optional 5th parameter to domxml_xslt_process(). When set, profiling
information is saved to the specified file. (chregu)
- Added MD5 support for crypt() on Windows. (Edin)

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