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Ilia Alshanetsky
Ilia Alshanetsky committed Apr 25, 2007
1 parent 4bd1713 commit 6a6ae2f713fa7cd189da4ad483df7a3671ccc032
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@@ -48,26 +48,6 @@ Responsibility: Shane Caraveo & each sapi module owner
Timeframe: ? (but shouldn't be much effort, most modules are probably ok)
-Component: Input Filtering
- - Implement a SAPI input filter hook that will get called
- just before registering a variable in the
- treat_data/post_handler hooks. (done)
- - Make sure this is also done in mbstring (done)
- - Provide access functions, or perhaps a new
- $_RAW_GET/POST/Cookie set of superglobals to get at the
- unfiltered data
- - Provide a .ini directive which allows people to set their
- input filter to one of the built-in strip_tags,
- htmlspecialchars or whatever other internal function might
- be useful here.
- - (The main benefit of this is to make it easier for people
- to solve the XSS problem once and for all without having
- to go through every line of their code and adding input
- validation/filtering everywhere)
-Responsibility: Rasmus
-Timeframe: Yesterday
Component: RPC Abstraction Layer
Porting java, com, dotnet, xmlrpc, corba, soap and python, srm
(are there more ?) to work with the new oo api and preferably

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