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@@ -42,6 +42,12 @@ php \- PHP Command Line Interface 'CLI'
\fBphp \fP[options] \fB\-a\fP
+.B php
+[options] \-S
+.IR addr:port
+.IR docroot ]
\fBPHP\fP is a widely\-used general\-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for
Web development and can be embedded into HTML. This is the command line interface
@@ -78,7 +84,13 @@ and therefore reading from
explicitly changes the next input line or skips input lines.
-If none of \-r \-f \-B \-R \-F or \-E is present but a single parameter is given
+PHP also contains an embedded web server for application development purpose. By using the \-S option where
+.B addr:port
+point to a local address and port PHP will listen to HTTP requests on that address and port and serve files from the current working directory or the
+.B docroot
+passed by the \-t option.
+If none of \-r \-f \-B \-R \-F \-E or \-S is present but a single parameter is given
then this parameter is taken as the filename to parse and execute (same as
with \-f). If no parameter is present then the standard input is read and
@@ -263,6 +275,20 @@ after processing all input lines
Output HTML syntax highlighted source
.PD 0
+.B \-\-server \fIaddr:port\fP
+.PD 1
+.B \-S \fIaddr:port\fP
+Start embedded Webserver on the given local address and port
+.PD 0
+.B \-\-docroot \fIdocroot\fP
+.PD 1
+.B \-t \fIdocroot\fP
+Specify the document root to be used by the embedded web server
+.PD 0
.B \-\-version
.PD 1

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