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Hartmut Holzgraefe authored

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... ... @@ -1,11 +1,20 @@
2 2 ------------------
3   - Please do not ask developers why some or all tests are failing in
4   -your environment! Let us know if you find why it fails. Thank you.
  3 + Failed tests usualy indicate a problem with your local system setup
  4 +and not within PHP itself (at least for official PHP release versions).
  5 +You may decide to automaticaly submit a test summary to our QA workflow
  6 +at the end of a test run.
  7 + Please do *not* submit a failed test as a bug or ask for help on why
  8 +it failed on your system without providing substantial backup information
  9 +on *why* the test failed on your special setup. Thank you :-)
5 10
6 11
7 12 [Testing Basics]
8 13 ----------------
  14 + The easiest way to test your PHP build is to run "make test" from the
  15 +command line after successfully compiling. This will run the complete
  16 +tests for all enabled functionalities and extensions using the PHP
  17 +CLI binary (
9 18 To execute test scripts, you must build PHP with some SAPI, then you
10 19 type "make test" to execute all or some test scripts saved under
11 20 "tests" directory under source root directory.

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