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updated todo list (removed finished tasks)

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commit 703921ab36a81630b9aff778f3a190c22b4f2407 1 parent 36b65c4
Georg Richter authored
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  1. +0 −11 ext/mysqli/TODO
11 ext/mysqli/TODO
@@ -1,13 +1,2 @@
-- review/code inspection of the bind stuff
-- test
- documentation
-- benchmarks /ext/mysql vs. ext/mysqli
-- testing/compiling under windows
-- migration guide:
- diffrences between ext/mysql and mysqli
- not supported functions from ext/mysql (mysql_db_query)
- ini-settings
-- phpinfo output (Status: mostly done, maybe some more information could be interesting)
-- blob support for mysql_prepare
-- multi query support (still open until there is a decision (MySQL AB))
-- bundled libmysql 4.1
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