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1 parent 5e33c04 commit 81c161d0a7dab7c5ebee755a17cc48291c613ed3 John Coggeshall committed Mar 5, 2005
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19 ext/skeleton/tests/001.phpt
@@ -1,10 +1,21 @@
-Check for xmlrpci presence
+Check for extname presence
-<?php if (!extension_loaded("xmlrpci")) print "skip"; ?>
+<?php if (!extension_loaded("extname")) print "skip"; ?>
-echo "Improved XML-RPC extension is available";
+echo "extname extension is available";
+ you can add regression tests for your extension here
+ the output of your test code has to be equal to the
+ text in the --EXPECT-- section below for the tests
+ to pass, differences between the output and the
+ expected text are interpreted as failure
+ see php5/README.TESTING for further information on
+ writing regression tests
-Improved XML-RPC extension is available
+extname extension is available

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