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Mention account access so we can refer account-requestors to this README

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@@ -4,6 +4,11 @@ Submitting Patches to PHP
This document describes how to submit a patch for PHP. Creating a
patch for PHP is easy!
+You don't need any login accounts or special access to download,
+build, debug and begin submitting PHP code, tests or documentation for
+inclusion in PHP. Once you've followed this README and had several
+patches accepted, PHP commit privileges are often quickly granted.
An excellent article to read first is:
@@ -128,7 +133,4 @@ Your name will be included together with your email address in the SVN
commit log. If your patch affects end users, a brief description
and your name might be added to the NEWS file.
-Commit privileges are often granted to people who have had several
-patches accepted.
Thank you for patching PHP!

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