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@@ -5,7 +5,6 @@ PHP NEWS
- General improvements:
. Implemented 'finally' keyword ( (Laruence)
. Drop Windows XP and 2003 support. (Pierre)
TazeTSchnitzel Aug 22, 2012

As Lester notes, this is rather preventative of World domination.

moebiuseye Aug 22, 2012

Eventually, those will disappear.
PHP's world domination is pretty close to complete, though.

- . World domination
. Improve set_exception_handler while doing reset.(Laruence)
. Support constant array/string dereferencing. (Laruence)
. Add support for using empty() on the result of function calls and

63 comments on commit a90170e


Oh =\ i think it's beginning of the end of php...



How can expect achieve world domination when it's not in the todo list?






seriously, dude, why are you removing that

it's an important feature


It's been there since c500bd3 which was committed about a year ago. Perhaps @sebastianbergmann decided to hate PHP all of a sudden? 😐


I thought it was PHP policy to make RFCs and vote on them before making serious changes? >:/










As my colleague just said, it's already been achieved!


echo "minus one";






+1 Go pro learn Python.


πŸ”₯ At least, the beginning of the end of PHP πŸ”₯


I would also suggest to add in the TODO list:

  • unit tests
  • documentation
  • consistency

@Rydgel This is not the TODO, it's the NEWS. Also, PHP has a hell lot of tests ;) Something like 12k on an average production build.


We already have unit tests and documentation, you idiot.


Hey php-fags, i think this NEWS shit is now undeprecated, right?


@mekza I wish you lot would get off your high-horse. Sure, PHP is flawed, but please treat us as people, not "fags".


@TazeTSchnitzel don't be mad, "php-fags" stands for php-users. There are some python-fags for example or RoR-fags, etc. (If you're mad about "fag" please ask yourself about your sexual orientation ;))


@mekza I'm openly bi, that doesn't bother me. What does bother me is use of chan-speak in more formal environment. Please, keep chan-speak to the chans.


Finally! Some flaming on github.
This is getting interesting.


@TazeTSchnitzel dude php is informal.


@moebiuseye You know what I meant. Go home, troll.


@mekza Using -fag as a suffix isn't appropriate nor tolerated here, though. chan-speak is ultra-informal, this is just informal.


@TazeTSchnitzel Using moronic changelog messages (and moronic reasons for those) is not appropriate either.

- . World domination
+ . Universe domination

@sergiigrebeniuk hey bro you discovered the meaning of "Universe" in 1991, you need to stop frontin'.




This thread feels like a youtube comment listing. See also


@philip sorry Youtube runs on Python. Only trilz know.


Youporn ?

@Tyrael member

@jeremyFreeAgent that's symfony2, right?


Wow, this is as worst as HTML5 Boilerplate taking away the default pink highlight.


require_once (popcorn.gif);


look mom I'm famous!


Drop Windows XP and 2003 support. (Pierre)



noooooooo! πŸ˜–


Good lord GitHub is a retard magnet


Maybe we should drop Windows support entirely :)

That is the way of Linux World domination.


what about a .HIDDEN_AGENDA file?


@daschl Yeah, we should add that, and make sure it includes a document on how to get World domination back!


"The same thing we do every night, Pinkyβ€”try to take over the world!."

@bjori is the one to blame :D

class worldDomination {
    final public function calculate() {
        echo "42";

Was it that hard?


-2 :-(


Brain, what do you want to do tonight ?




Can you provide tests please ? :trollface:



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