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MFH: force use of BSD sed for OS X hack (patch by Alexey Zakhlestin)

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commit acfc6bd9e11cbffea3606517f9a998e7bc049e31 1 parent e8b485d
Gwynne Raskind authored
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@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ dnl activate some gcc specific optimizations for gcc >= 4
if test "$GCC" = "yes"; then
case $host_alias in
- GCC_MAJOR_VERSION=`$CC -dumpversion | $SED -nE '1s/([[0-9]]+)\.[[0-9]]+\..*/\1/;1p'`
+ GCC_MAJOR_VERSION=`$CC -dumpversion | /usr/bin/sed -nE '1s/([[0-9]]+)\.[[0-9]]+\..*/\1/;1p'`
GCC_MAJOR_VERSION=`$CC --version | $SED -n '1s/[[^0-9]]*\([[0-9]]\+\)\.[[0-9]]\+\..*/\1/;1p'`
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