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updated due to the creation of the primary testers mailinglist

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@@ -51,12 +51,15 @@ pointing out "the location of the release" and "the possible release date of
either the next RC, or the final release".
2. Send an email (see example here **To**
-```` and **Bcc** everybody on the
-`PhP5yz<>`_ or
-`PhP6yz<>`_ list (depending on the PHP version).
+```` and **CC** ````.
This email is to notify the selected projects about a new RC so that they can
-make sure their projects keep working.
+make sure their projects keep working. Make sure that you have been setup
+as a moderator for ```` by having someone (Wez,
+Derick) run the following commands for you:
+``sudo -u ezmlm ezmlm-sub ~ezmlm/primary-qa-tester/mod moderator-email-address``
3. Update the MD5 sums in ``qaweb/include/rc-md5sums.txt``.

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