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Provide an example cron script, to invite people to test.

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@@ -104,6 +104,34 @@ of independant tests. Set the environment variable REPORT_EXIT_STATUS to 1,
and "make test" will set the exit status ("$?") to non-zero, when an
individual test has failed.
+Example script to be run by cron(1):
+========== =============
+TODAY=`date +"%Y%m%d"`
+# Make sure compilation enviroment is correct
+CONFIGURE_OPTS='--disable-all --enable-cli --with-pcre'
+export MAKE=gmake
+export CC=gcc
+# Set test environment
+cd $CO_DIR
+cvs update . >>$TMPDIR/phpqatest.$TODAY
+./cvsclean ; ./buildconf ; ./configure $CONFIGURE_OPTS ; $MAKE
+$MAKE test >>$TMPDIR/phpqatest.$TODAY 2>&1
+if test $? -gt 0
+ cat $TMPDIR/phpqatest.$TODAY | mail -s"PHP-QA Test Failed for $TODAY" $MYMAIL
+========== end of =============
NOTE: the exit status of run-tests.php will be 1 when
REPORT_EXIT_STATUS is set. The result of "make test" may be higher
than that. At present, gmake 3.79.1 returns 2, so it is

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