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- And fix the README too.

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1 parent 630e169 commit c73641afd7e58a87b554dfb2901494bd3e13a331 Derick Rethans committed Nov 30, 2003
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@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ PHP_MINFO_FUNCTION(my_input_filter)
* (modified) variable. Returning 0 prevents PHP from registering the variable;
* you can use this if your filter already registers the variable under a
* different name, or if you just don't want the variable registered at all. */
-unsigned int my_sapi_input_filter(int arg, char *var, char **val, unsigned int val_len, unsigned int *new_val_len)
zval new_var;
zval *array_ptr = NULL;

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