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Adding a new item (number 11) that explains why it's important to use

emalloc() and friends in place of the standard C library functions.
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@@ -122,6 +122,19 @@ Exceptions:
existing. End users should use function_exists() to test for the
existence of a function
+[11] Prefer emalloc(), efree(), estrdup(), etc. to their standard C library
+ counterparts. These functions implement an internal "safety-net"
+ mechanism that ensures the deallocation of any unfreed memory at the
+ end of a request. They also provide useful allocation and overflow
+ information while running in debug mode.
+ In almost all cases, memory returned to the engine must be allocated
+ using emalloc().
+ The use of malloc() should be limited to cases where a third-party
+ library may need to control or free the memory, or when the memory in
+ question needs to survive between multiple requests.
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