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Fix bug #61459 popen_close_basic-win32 can't run sort.exe

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commit eeab3be3037e2c537393f630b496017c9f888736 1 parent bff8152
Anatoliy Belsky authored
Showing with 12 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +12 −1 ext/standard/tests/file/popen_pclose_basic-win32.phpt
13 ext/standard/tests/file/popen_pclose_basic-win32.phpt
@@ -28,7 +28,18 @@ pclose($file_handle);
echo "*** Testing popen(): writing to the pipe ***\n";
$arr = array("ggg", "ddd", "aaa", "sss");
-$file_handle = popen("sort", "w");
+// popen("sort", "w") fails if variables_order="GPCS"
+// this is set in the default INI file
+// it doesn't seem to be changeable in the --INI-- section
+// also, doing: ini_set('variables_order', ''); doesn't work!
+// the only solution is to either put the absolute path here, or
+// remove variables_order= from PHP.ini (setting it in run-test's
+// default INI will fail too)
+// since we can't depend on PHP.ini being set a certain way,
+// have to put the absolute path here.
+$file_handle = popen("/windows/system32/sort", "w");
$newline = "\n";
foreach($arr as $str) {
fwrite($file_handle, (binary)$str);
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