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David Croft
David Croft committed Feb 5, 2001
1 parent fce819e commit f182245c530301e3d4e4789dd4ef5a8732f3cb57
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@@ -5,12 +5,15 @@ Zend
* allow foreach ($array as $k => &$val) syntax. right now we cannot
traverse an array without copying each element.
+ * allow foreach ($array as $k => list($a, $b)) syntax for multi
+ dimensional arrays.
* look at replacing c-lib call tolower().
* make hash API functions work with HASH_OF() to save time.
* native large number support (probably with GNU GMP)
* Const'ify APIs. Right now, many functions leave parameters untouched,
but don't declare those as const. This makes interaction with other
interfaces difficult which pass const parameters to us.
+ * add try..catch/throw exception handling

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