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- Fixed bug #48971 (Missing ZEND_NS_NAMED_FE macro)

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1 parent 907763a commit f48cab06fffcf088c3b5bf1ae61843bb59dd893f Jani Taskinen committed Jul 28, 2009
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 Zend/zend_API.h
2 Zend/zend_API.h
@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ typedef struct _zend_fcall_info_cache {
#define ZEND_NS_RAW_FENTRY(ns, zend_name, name, arg_info, flags) ZEND_RAW_FENTRY(ZEND_NS_NAME(ns, zend_name), name, arg_info, flags)
#define ZEND_NS_RAW_NAMED_FE(ns, zend_name, name, arg_info) ZEND_NS_RAW_FENTRY(ns, #zend_name, name, arg_info, 0)
-#define ZEND_NS_NAMED_FE(ns, zend_name, name, arg_info)
+#define ZEND_NS_NAMED_FE(ns, zend_name, name, arg_info) ZEND_NS_FENTRY(ns, #zend_name, name, arg_info, 0)
#define ZEND_NS_FE(ns, name, arg_info) ZEND_NS_FENTRY(ns, name, ZEND_FN(name), arg_info, 0)
#define ZEND_NS_DEP_FE(ns, name, arg_info) ZEND_NS_FENTRY(ns, name, ZEND_FN(name), arg_info, ZEND_ACC_DEPRECATED)
#define ZEND_NS_FALIAS(ns, name, alias, arg_info) ZEND_NS_FENTRY(ns, name, ZEND_FN(alias), arg_info, 0)

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