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May 27, 2006

  1. - Take care of refcounting in zend_fcall_info_*() functions

    - Add docu
    # I know it is unpopular to add docu here but i think we should add more
    Marcus Boerger authored

May 25, 2006

  1. - Ease writing functions that deal with php function 'pointers'

    Marcus Boerger authored
  2. Antony Dovgal

    MFB: fix error messages when converting objects to other types

    tony2001 authored

May 09, 2006

  1. - Methods have flags

    Marcus Boerger authored
  2. - MFB: WS

    Marcus Boerger authored

May 04, 2006

  1. Add a global ASCII connverter, macros to return single codepoints

    (UCHAR32), and zend_unicode_to_ascii() function.
    Andrei Zmievski authored

Apr 06, 2006

  1. Sara Golemon

    Overload 'duplicate' arg as applied to:

    #define ZSTR_DUPLICATE (1<<0)
    #define ZSTR_AUTOFREE (1<<1)
    Duplicate keeps traditional value of '1', additional bit '2' tells
    unicode mode conversion to automatically free the original string
    in order to avoid leaks due to conversion on a value otherwise being
    "given" to the engine.
    /* Uses s as-is for non-unicode, or frees s after converting to unicode */
      char *s = estrdup("Hello");
    /* Duplicates for non-unicode, or converts (but doesn't free original) */
      char *s = "Hello";
    /* Uses as-is for non-unicode, or converts (but doesn't free original) */
      char *s = "Hello";
      zval zv;
      ZVAL_RT_STRING(&zv, s, 0);
      /* use zv for some temporary purpose */
      /* It's now necessary to manually free this generated value */
      if (UG(unicode)) {
    sgolemon authored

Mar 10, 2006

  1. Added RETVAL_EMPTRY_TEXT() and RETURN_EMPTY_TEXT() macroses

    Dmitry Stogov authored

Mar 05, 2006

  1. - Add missing function for completeness

    Marcus Boerger authored

Mar 04, 2006

  1. Johannes Schlüter


    johannes authored

Feb 26, 2006

  1. Unicode support: MS Visual C compatibility

    Dmitry Stogov authored

Feb 24, 2006

  1. - Add macros to mark functions/alias functions as deprecated

      (mentioned by Sara and obviously neccessary)
    - Fix function/method flag error detection logic
    Marcus Boerger authored

Feb 22, 2006

  1. Unicode support

    Dmitry Stogov authored

Feb 21, 2006

  1. Portable unicode string API:

      - use the same type (int) for zval.value.usr.len and zval.value.str.len
      - use union "zstr" as char*/UChar* mixture instead of void*
      - Z_UNISTR() and Z_UNILEN() no longer check for Z_TYPE()
      - nuke int32_t from ZE (not finisned)
    Dmitry Stogov authored
  2. WS

    Dmitry Stogov authored

Feb 20, 2006

  1. Preparation for portable string API (use macroses to access zval).

    Dmitry Stogov authored

Feb 13, 2006

  1. Made server wide switch for unicode on/off (according to PDM).

    Dmitry Stogov authored

Jan 17, 2006

  1. Unicode stuff is changed according to decision maden on PDM.

    Now IS_BINRAY data type is removed and IS_STRING starts behave as IS_BINARY in unicode mode. IS_STRING is incompatible with IS_UNICODE, so ALL functions should be improved to support unicode mode.
    Dmitry Stogov authored

Jan 04, 2006

  1. andigutmans

    - Update copyright notices to 2006

    andigutmans authored

Dec 16, 2005

  1. - Add new const

    Marcus Boerger authored

Dec 01, 2005

  1. Fixed bug #34729 (Crash in ZTS mode under Apache)

    Dmitry Stogov authored

Oct 28, 2005

  1. Fixed bug #34879 (str_replace, array_map corrupt negative array indexes)

    Dmitry Stogov authored

Oct 25, 2005

  1. - Make zend_is_callable_ex() return the class netry if available

    Marcus Boerger authored

Oct 03, 2005

  1. - Add propper casting

    Marcus Boerger authored

Sep 27, 2005

  1. Changed __toString() behavior to call it in all necessary places

    Dmitry Stogov authored

Sep 23, 2005

  1. - WS fix

    Marcus Boerger authored

Sep 01, 2005

  1. Support for class constants and static members for internal classes

    Dmitry Stogov authored

Aug 23, 2005

  1. Unicode support

    Dmitry Stogov authored
  2. Unicode support cleanup

    Dmitry Stogov authored

Aug 22, 2005

  1. zend_is_callable() and zend_make_callable() were changed to return re…

    …adable function name as zval (instead of string).
    Dmitry Stogov authored

Aug 19, 2005

  1. *** empty log message ***

    Andrei Zmievski authored
  2. Unicode support cleanup

    Dmitry Stogov authored

Aug 18, 2005

  1. - Implement zend_codepoint_to_uchar().

    - Rename and fix zend_get_unified_string_type() so that it does not
      allow mixing of binary and Unicode types.
    Andrei Zmievski authored
  2. Suppoer for unicode exception messages

    Dmitry Stogov authored
  3. Unicode support for extract()

    Dmitry Stogov authored
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