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Mar 09, 2004

  1. This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'RELEASE_0_2_0'.

    SVN Migration authored

Mar 02, 2004

  1. Fix zend_parse_method_parameters_ex() and make it consistant with

    # Obviously its only place of use is in pdo just right now.
    Marcus Boerger authored

Feb 25, 2004

  1. Zeev Suraski

    - Improve ARG_INFO() macros to support supplying required_num_args

    - Initial fix for foreach($o->mthd()->arr) crash (now leaks)
    zsuraski authored

Feb 20, 2004

  1. more EXTERN_C wrapping of ZEND_API prototypes

    Hartmut Holzgraefe authored

Feb 12, 2004

  1. Zeev Suraski

    - Check return-by-reference bit when implementing interface prototypes

    - Add infrastructure for built-in functions to hint whether they
      return by reference or not.  It is NOT currently used for anything,
      except for interface prototypes (you can use it to request that the
      function that implements your prototype returns by reference or
      doesn't return by reference).
      For downwards compatibility - by default, interface prototypes are
      agnostic as to whether the function that implements them returns
      by reference or not.  Use ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_INFO_EX() with
    - Fix ArrayAccess::getOffset() to conduct additional checks.
      If your getOffset() should work with multidimensional arrays - it
      must return by reference.
    zsuraski authored

Jan 19, 2004

  1. Add zend_get_module_started() to quickly check whether a module is pr…

    and its MINIT function has been called.
    Marcus Boerger authored

Jan 12, 2004

  1. Add missing macro

    # by popular demand, more and more exts need this
    Marcus Boerger authored

Jan 08, 2004

  1. - Happy new year and PHP 5 for rest of the files too..

    # Should the LICENSE and Zend/LICENSE dates be updated too?
    foobar authored

Dec 28, 2003

  1. Fix order of class_entry member initialization (needed for example fo…

    …r DOM)
    # You need to completley rebuild PHP after this patch.
    Marcus Boerger authored

Dec 22, 2003

  1. Wez Furlong

    export these symbols for use by SPL as a shared extension

    wez authored

Dec 02, 2003

  1. Free the zval container only if it should be freed and was not copied.

    Marcus Boerger authored

Nov 29, 2003

  1. This takes the address of a zval ptr

    Marcus Boerger authored
  2. Add macros to return values of other zvals.

    This is needed because one cannot use REPLACE_ZVAL_VALUE with return_value.
    Marcus Boerger authored

Nov 18, 2003

  1. Add method alias macro

    Marcus Boerger authored

Oct 25, 2003

  1. Add zend_make_callable() which allows to make zval's callable zval's.

    At the moment this function only converts strings of the form class::method
    to an array(class,method).
    Marcus Boerger authored

Oct 22, 2003

  1. Expand Interface C API.

    In short: zend_class_entry->interface_gets_implemented()  allows to modify
    the class entry of a class when an interface gets implemented.
    Marcus Boerger authored

Oct 18, 2003

  1. Fix class/iterator relationship & handling

    Marcus Boerger authored

Oct 17, 2003

  1. Added c-api for iterators

    # After 4 Month work and endless discussions...
    Marcus Boerger authored

Oct 15, 2003

  1. Add oo support function zend_class_implements()

    Marcus Boerger authored

Oct 05, 2003

  1. this little piggy broke lots of _function_check_flag in …

    …reflection api.
    Shane Caraveo authored

Oct 03, 2003

  1. Ensure lval to have a *boolean* value.

    Moriyoshi Koizumi authored

Sep 03, 2003

  1. Fix handling of static properties initialized to arrays

    Marcus Boerger authored

Aug 29, 2003

  1. - Add zend_merge_properties() which is designed to serve *_fetch_obje…

    - Explain drawbacks of object_and_properties_init and zend_merge_properties.
    # I guess we can live with the purity problem of potentially calling __set()
    # of an object which wasn't already ctored.
    Marcus Boerger authored

Aug 24, 2003

  1. - Provide appropriate way to destroy internal zval's.

    - Allow internal zval's of type string and disallow complex types.
    - Define the default string for extensions at class level instead of ctor.
    Marcus Boerger authored
  2. Don't identify alias'ed functions

    Marcus Boerger authored
  3. One of PPP is needed, too

    Marcus Boerger authored
  4. - Add fn_flag ZEND_ACC_ALIAS

    - Unify way of function_entry generation by new macro ZEND_FENTRY
    Marcus Boerger authored
  5. Add property read code and use that in default exception class

    Marcus Boerger authored

Aug 23, 2003

  1. Internal classes can now have default properties.

    Marcus Boerger authored

Aug 17, 2003

  1. Fix warnings

    Marcus Boerger authored
  2. explicitly cast size_t to zend_uint to avoid warnings on 64 bit platf…

    Sascha Schumann authored

Aug 16, 2003

  1. Simplify abstract method declaration

    Marcus Boerger authored

Aug 05, 2003

  1. Zeev Suraski

    Try to put an end to the endless number of call_user_function variants.

    zend_call_function() now takes a structure that should contain all of the
    necessary information.  If further information is necessary in the future,
    then we'll be able to add it without having to introduce a new function.
    As for caching - the 2nd, optional argument is a struct that can hold all
    of the information that's necessary to invoke the function, including its
    handler, scope and object it operates on (if any).  Note that you may only
    use a cache if the arguments you provide to zend_call_function() are
    identical to the ones of the last call, except for the argument and return
    value information.
    The recently introduced fast_call_user_function() was removed
    I fixed most of the places that used fast_call_user_function() to use caching
    but there are still some that need to be fixed (XML and reflection)
    zsuraski authored

Aug 03, 2003

  1. Zeev Suraski

    ntroduce infrastructure for supplying information about arguments,

    - Whether or not to pass by ref (replaces the old arg_types, with arg_info)
    - Argument name (for future use, maybe introspection)
    - Class/Interface name (for type hints)
    - If a class/interface name is available, whether to allow a null instance
    Both user and builtin functions share the same data structures.
    To declare a builtin function that expects its first arg to be an instance
    of class 'Person', its second argument as a regular arg, and its third by
    reference, use:
    ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_INFO(my_func_arg_info, 0)
        ZEND_ARG_OBJ_INFO(0, someone, Person, 1)
    and use my_func_arg_info as the arg_info parameter to the ZEND_FE() family
    of macros.
    The first arg to each ZEND_ARG_*() macro is whether or not to pass by ref.
    The boolean arg to ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_INFO() tells the engine whether to treat
    the arguments for which there's no explicit information as pass by reference
    or not.
    The boolean argument to ZEND_ARG_OBJ_INFO() (4th arg) is whether or not to allownull values.
    zsuraski authored

Jul 30, 2003

  1. Zeev Suraski

    Add exec_finished() callback for modules - this is the last place whe…

    …re the
    modules may touch the symbol table reliably
    zsuraski authored
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