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tag: RELEASE_0_90

Jun 06, 2002

  1. This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'RELEASE_0_90'.

    SVN Migration authored
  2. * add "nobuild" option to installer (-B or --nobuild option to CLI fr…

    Stig Bakken authored
  3. * remove debug output

    Stig Bakken authored
  4. * when building, look for "package-version" subdirectory, needed for

      building stuff straight from tarballs
    Stig Bakken authored

    Stig Bakken authored
  6. * make displayFatalError work again

    Stig Bakken authored
  7. Tomas Von Veschler Cox

    Forgot that one

    tvvcox authored
  8. Tomas Von Veschler Cox

    Wrap table contents

    # Sorry could't wait for that commit :-)
    tvvcox authored
  9. Tomas Von Veschler Cox

    Implemented "pear info <Installed Package>" command

    # Stig, why I'm sure that you already have implemented this
    # command? Have to stop with my LSD therapy
    tvvcox authored
  10. Tomas Von Veschler Cox

    Split the doPackageInfo() in doPackageInfo() and _infoForDisplaying()

    (this last one can be statically called and is used also from
    the "info" command)
    tvvcox authored
  11. Tomas Von Veschler Cox

    package.xml file for the PEAR Mail package

    tvvcox authored
  12. Tomas Von Veschler Cox

    That will really avoid PHP warnings

    tvvcox authored
  13. Tomas Von Veschler Cox

    Fix package command

    # can't beleive you don't test commits :-)
    tvvcox authored
  14. # More mnogosearch updates

    Sergey Kartashoff authored
  15. ChangeLog update

    Unknown authored

Jun 05, 2002

  1. ws and indent fixes

    foobar authored
  2. - Fixes a segfault reported in #17584

    foobar authored
  3. Remove unused local variable.

    Sebastian Bergmann authored
  4. andigutmans

    - Allow overloaded objects to receive the method name in its original

    - case.
    andigutmans authored
  5. - Headers are now rewritten to always have \r\n line endings for SMTP.

      Also automatically removes superflous line breaks at
      the start and end of the header.
    # is a good read about this topic.
    Markus Fischer authored
  6. - Fix a problem in domxml_dump_mem(_file) with xmlKeepBlanksDefault not

      being set. (patch by Rob Richards <>)
    Derick Rethans authored
  7. # mnogosearch work continued

    Sergey Kartashoff authored
  8. fixed multiline header detection (':' is valid within following lines)

    fixed fill_buffer to fill the buffer always completely
    Stefan Esser authored
  9. more mnogosearch compilation fixes

    Sergey Kartashoff authored
  10. fixing some crashbugs that can be triggered with bogus uploads.

    Stefan Esser authored
  11. MnoGoSearch extension fixes to compile under latest

    mnogosearch 3.2.4 and 3.2.5. Still does not compile with them,
    but the work still in progress...
    Sergey Kartashoff authored
  12. - Fix memleak (patch by Stefan Sesser)

    Derick Rethans authored
  13. NEWS update

    Unknown authored
  14. ChangeLog update

    Unknown authored

Jun 04, 2002

  1. - Fix for bug #17462 (Patch by Edin Kadribasic)

    Derick Rethans authored
  2. Sync with openbsd glob.c 1.19

    Edin Kadribasic authored
  3. Removed some leftover debugging code.

    Edin Kadribasic authored
  4. - Fixed the include paths for the needed libraries for bundled libgd.

    - Removed files which are not needed with libgd2 from the PHP_NEW_EXTENSION.
    foobar authored
  5. Added function pcntl_alarm().

    @- Added pctnl_alarm() function. (Edin)
    Edin Kadribasic authored
  6. * sort package names in "pear list"

    Stig Bakken authored
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