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tag: RELEASE_2_0_0a1
Commits on Mar 26, 2008
  1. turns out it is now tomorrow, so update package.xml

    Greg Beaver authored
  2. prepare release of 2.0.0a1

    Greg Beaver authored
  3. ChangeLog update

    Unknown authored
Commits on Mar 25, 2008
  1. - Fix memory leak found by Osman

    Marcus Boerger authored
    - Merge strlen to sizof change from CLI
  2. - Use sizeof rather than strlen and cleanup

    Marcus Boerger authored
  3. MFB : Fix for Bug #43832 mysqi_get_charset() doesn't expose charset c…

    Andrey Hristov authored
  4. @johannes

    - New egg

    johannes authored
  5. oci8: Sync with 5.3 - version macro updates and DRCP tweaks

    Christopher Jones authored
  6. ChangeLog update

    Unknown authored
Commits on Mar 24, 2008
  1. @tony2001

    Change streams to not use mmap() when reading files (aka copying to m…

    tony2001 authored
    There are two problems with mmap() in this case:
    1) there is no performance gain since we allocate the memory anyways;
    2) memcpy() may crash if somebody truncates this file at the same moment
    (see for example);
    It seems to work fine with fpassthru(), though why it is so should be investigated.
    Thanks to Andrey Vasilishin for the report and Anight for pressing this through =)
  2. - Updated to version 2008.2 (2008b)

    Derick Rethans authored
  3. - Add documentation

    Marcus Boerger authored
  4. Fixed ws and comment

    Dmitry Stogov authored
  5. a subtle plea for help to Marcus...

    Greg Beaver authored
  6. check for invalid aliases, add tests for this and direct setting of s…

    Greg Beaver authored
  7. ChangeLog update

    Unknown authored
  8. prevent direct setting of stub or alias in tar/zip

    Greg Beaver authored
Commits on Mar 23, 2008
  1. update TODO

    Greg Beaver authored
  2. not all tests have been converted over to the new API, but it works

    Greg Beaver authored
    conversion is now split into 3 separate methods
    1\) convertToZip\(\) convertToTar\(\) and convertToPhar\(\) exclusively change file format
    2\) compress\(\) sets compression, accepting Phar::GZ, Phar::BZ2, or Phar::NONE
    3\) convertToExecutable\(\) allows stub creation in tar/zip, convertToData\(\) prevents it
    all methods return either Phar or PharData objects, allowing fluent interface.
    only 1 test has been converted to the new format, but the API works
  3. add Phar->getPath() for retrieving the full path to the phar archive.

    Greg Beaver authored
    this is useful for renaming and also always returns the realpath()
  4. fix param parsing for Phar::running() to be optional

    Greg Beaver authored
    # this is the last bug for ZF app - it now works!
  5. - Add .cvsignore

    Marcus Boerger authored
  6. MFB: removed unused var

    Ilia Alshanetsky authored
  7. - MFH Add tests

    Marcus Boerger authored
  8. don't disallow opening .tar/.zip files as Phar object if readonly is …

    Greg Beaver authored
    …disabled, the whole idea is to be able to
    add crap including an automatic stub or explicit stub
  9. rename Phar::getRunningPhar\(\) to Phar::running\(\) and by default r…

    Greg Beaver authored
    …eturn the full
    phar url, if optional parameter is false, return the path to the phar on disk.  Fix a double free on failed mount
  10. ChangeLog update

    Unknown authored
  11. fix memleak found by valgrind

    Greg Beaver authored
Commits on Mar 22, 2008
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