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Commits on Mar 16, 2010
  1. - Committing my session cookie patch; it's a bug fix and good to have…

    Derick Rethans authored
    … in the
  2. decouple the methods in MYSQLND_STMT from the data,

    Andrey Hristov authored
    needed to move to a new structure MYSQLND_STMT. Makes
    the code cleaner and less error-prone.
    Also fix PDO/MySQL which directly touch mysqlnd internals
    instead of using API calls.
Commits on Mar 15, 2010
  1. - Fix win32 build. (notified by Rob. Thanks)

    Moriyoshi Koizumi authored
Commits on Mar 13, 2010
  1. @felipensp

    - Fix mem. leak

    felipensp authored
  2. @rgeissert

    Fix CVE-2010-0397: null pointer dereference when processing invalid X…

    rgeissert authored
    requests (bug #51288)
Commits on Mar 12, 2010
  1. - Oops.

    Moriyoshi Koizumi authored
  2. allow persistency of PS

    Andrey Hristov authored
  3. - Update the bundled libmbfl to the latest on upstream.

    Moriyoshi Koizumi authored
Commits on Mar 11, 2010
  1. @m6w6

    add backlock socket context option for stream_socket_server(),

    m6w6 authored
    which had a hardcoded backlog of 5 at two occurrances
  2. @LawnGnome
  3. @rgeissert
Commits on Mar 10, 2010
  1. @felipensp

    - Fixed bug #51257 (CURL_VERSION_LARGEFILE incorrectly used after lib…

    felipensp authored
    …curl version 7.10.1)
      patch by: aron dot ujvari at microsec dot hu
Commits on Mar 9, 2010
  1. Mask name of older DB4 versions

    Christopher Jones authored
  2. @LawnGnome
Commits on Mar 8, 2010
  1. @felipensp

    - Fixed bug #51237 (milter SAPI crash on startup)

    felipensp authored
      patch by: igmar at palsenberg dot com
  2. @felipensp
  3. - Updated to version 2010.5 (2010e)

    Derick Rethans authored
  4. @KalleZ
  5. Add some bcmath tests

    William Martin authored
  6. @KalleZ
Commits on Mar 7, 2010
  1. - Re-generate mapping files, but now with BC zones as well.

    Derick Rethans authored
    #- Fixes the test case for bug #17988 that used a few of those.
  2. - Update test cases after the fix for bug #49778.

    Derick Rethans authored
  3. - Fixed test case, there are Unicode keys here.

    Derick Rethans authored
  4. - Fixed bug #40778 (DateInterval::format("%a") is always zero when an…

    Derick Rethans authored
    … interval
      is created from an ISO string).
  5. - Change this test case because non-6 digits are supported now, and c…

    Derick Rethans authored
      that the "1" doesn't show because the precision isn't high enough. (Same
      happens if you change it to 9).
  6. - Fixed bug #50392 (date_create_from_format enforces 6 digits for 'u'…

    Derick Rethans authored
    … format
  7. @felipensp

    - Fixed bug #50383 (Exceptions thrown in __call / __callStatic do not…

    felipensp authored
    … include file and line in trace)
  8. @felipensp

    - New test

    felipensp authored
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