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Commits on Jul 9, 2001
  1. @andigutmans

    - Significantly improve hash table performance by using djb's hash fu…

    andigutmans authored
      instead of hashpjw() and by using power of two sizes of hash tables (this
      saves the % and isn't necessary with a good hash function).
      Please try this patch.
Commits on Jul 3, 2001
  1. This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch

    SVN Migration authored
  2. @rlerdorf
Commits on Jul 2, 2001
  1. @zsuraski

    Fix a major thread safety bug in the output mechanism

    zsuraski authored
    @- Fixed a major memory corruption bug in the thread safe version (Zeev)
  2. Missing constant.

    foobar authored
  3. Fix mispell.

    Sterling Hughes authored
  4. - Fixed proto's (Patch by Zak)

    Derick Rethans authored
  5. @chregu
Commits on Jul 1, 2001
  1. PHPAPI-ize php_var_* functions

    Daniel Beulshausen authored
    # need this for shm*
  2. fix some popen trouble

    Daniel Beulshausen authored
  3. Fix for #11821.

    Sebastian Bergmann authored
  4. Remove unused variable.

    Sean Bright authored
  5. mhash_keygen_s2k() overwrote the limits of a statically allocated buffer

    Sascha Schumann authored
    for long salts.  We truncate the salt now appropiately.
    PR: #11817
Commits on Jun 30, 2001
  1. Fix for bug #11796. Also, fixed a problem in get_meta_tags that required

    Sean Bright authored
    NAME and CONTENT to be in that order.  Meta tags with no CONTENT attribute
    are now added to the array as empty strings.  Meta tags with no NAME
    attribute are ignored.
  2. Make the FastCGI module behave nicer when trying to shut it down. If you

    Ben Mansell authored
    kill the parent process, then it will kill all its kiddies for you.
    Also, now refuses to run as a CGI (since it doesn't work that way), and
    corrected a few debug messages.
  3. Test commit

    Sascha Schumann authored
  4. @andigutmans
  5. If no backend is specified, bail out.

    foobar authored
  6. Now all these options should behave the same.

    foobar authored
Commits on Jun 29, 2001
  1. @andigutmans

    - Remove bogus comment.

    andigutmans authored
  2. suppress sending of cookies if session id already came

    Hartmut Holzgraefe authored
    from a non-cookie source
  3. This file needed an update..

    foobar authored
  4. @zsuraski
Commits on Jun 28, 2001
  1. @zsuraski

    Fix warnings

    zsuraski authored
  2. @zsuraski

    standard .h protection

    zsuraski authored
  3. - Fix for bug #11775: Typo in cpdf.c

    Derick Rethans authored
  4. changed CLSIDfromProgId to CLSIDfromString

    Harald Radi authored
  5. @fmk
  6. let this be more userfriendly.

    foobar authored
  7. added in note to fix for odbc_fetch_into

    Dan Kalowsky authored
    # could have sworn i did this before... but ahh well..
Commits on Jun 27, 2001
  1. @zsuraski

    Update NEWS, test cvs commit

    zsuraski authored
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