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tag: php-4.0.5RC1
Commits on Mar 13, 2001
  1. @zsuraski

    Update NEWS for the branch...

    zsuraski authored
  2. @zsuraski


    zsuraski authored
  3. fix bug in php_gmtime_r

    Daniel Beulshausen authored
  4. @- IMPORTANT: removed /F modifier handling from preg_replace(). Instead

    Andrei Zmievski authored
    @  one should use new preg_replace_callback() function. (Andrei)
  5. ChangeLog update

    Unknown authored
  6. NEWS update

    Unknown authored
  7. changed scalar args and returns to doubles, added Ming_setScale funct…

    Dave Hayden authored
    added SWFTEXTFIELD_HTML flag, fixed SWFTextField_setIndentation glitch
Commits on Mar 12, 2001
  1. Forgot to add it here

    Colin Viebrock authored
  2. Name length is already known.

    Andrei Zmievski authored
  3. @andigutmans

    - Missed second place.

    andigutmans authored
  4. @andigutmans

    - Nuke snprintf()

    andigutmans authored
  5. @andigutmans

    - White space

    andigutmans authored
  6. @andigutmans

    - Fix by Jani Taskinen <> for whole path also to work

    andigutmans authored
      with include_once()/require_once().
  7. Fixed prototype.

    Sean Bright authored
  8. Added NEWS.

    Alexander Feldman authored
  9. A small fix to make the function imageloadfont portable.

    Alexander Feldman authored
  10. @smalyshev

    Prevent memory leak

    smalyshev authored
  11. HEADS UP: renamed config header file in "phpize"d extensions to

    Stig Bakken authored
    "config.h" rather than "php_config.h".
  12. @smalyshev
  13. This will have to do until the docs come along.

    Andrei Zmievski authored
  14. Improve zend_is_callable() to the point where it's actually useful.

    Andrei Zmievski authored
    Now it just needs to be invoked everywhere in PHP where a callback is
  15. @- Added array_reduce(), which allows iterative reduction of an array

    Andrei Zmievski authored
    @  to a single value via a callback function. (Andrei)
    - Added array_reduce(), which allows iterative reduction of an array
      to a single value via a callback function.
    - Fixed usage of zend_is_callable() in PCRE.
  16. Use proper class name.

    Andrei Zmievski authored
  17. ChangeLog update

    Unknown authored
  18. Cleaning this a little bit.

    foobar authored
  19. ws fix.

    foobar authored
Commits on Mar 11, 2001
  1. @jparise

    Revised version of the parseDSN function.

    jparise authored
    Submitted by: "Tomas V.V.Cox" <>
  2. @andigutmans

    - Fix for Solaris.

    andigutmans authored
  3. Fixed a compatibility problem is some file functions (fgets, fputs, f…

    Alexander Feldman authored
    fwrite). The ANSI standard says that if a file is opened in read/write
    mode, fseek() should be called before switching from reading to writing
    and vice versa.
  4. Added missing alias. PR: #9550

    foobar authored

    foobar authored
  6. Check for inet_aton only if libbind is not found (or inet_aton is not in

    foobar authored
    libbind). Fixes bug: #8814
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