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Commits on May 19, 2002
  1. This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag

    SVN Migration committed
  2. Fix temporary filename problems, and update .cvsignores with new exte…

    Sander Roobol committed
  3. Fix make test and remove a warning

    Sander Roobol committed
  4. Cleaned up run-tests.php, and fixed it on linux/unix

    Sander Roobol committed
    # and probably broke it on windows :)
  5. * new command setup

    Stig Bakken committed
  6. * support platform-specific files

    Stig Bakken committed
  7. * take uname as optional constructor parameter

    Stig Bakken committed
  8. ChangeLog update

    Unknown committed
  9. Typo fixes

    foobar committed
  10. DO NOT use C++ comments!

    foobar committed
Commits on May 18, 2002
  1. @chregu

    - delete attributes as well in php_free_xml_node

    chregu committed
    - more consistent naming in phpinfo()
  2. @chregu
  3. @chregu

    mem leak fix for domxml_dump_node

    chregu committed
  4. @chregu

    fixes memleak in html_dump_mem

    chregu committed
  5. @chregu
  6. - Fix portability issues with empty results on Linux and FreeBSD, add…

    Markus Fischer committed
    … safe_mode
      check and simplify code.
    # Hartmut, what was the VCWD check for ?!
  7. @chregu

    WS fixes

    chregu committed
  8. @chregu
  9. ChangeLog update

    Unknown committed
Commits on May 17, 2002
  1. Improve readability of the header send function

    Sascha Schumann committed
  2. - Stuff all Win32 mail() changes together.

    Markus Fischer committed
  3. @jparise

    Credit where credit is due.

    jparise committed
  4. - Win32 mail() is no longer case-sensitive when it comes to match for…

    Markus Fischer committed
    … any headers
      (e.g. from:, cc:, etc).
    # Fixed also a crash I introduced earlier, which tells me no one tested it :)
  5. Re-add "tests" project - this is the only change to file. For some re…

    Preston L. Bannister committed
    …ason MSVC chose to put "" around all the project file names. (Why? Ask Microsoft :). Perhaps different patch levels on MSVC6?). These files are not hand-edited.
  6. @wez

    proto tweak

    wez committed
  7. @wez

    Add an optional flag to sem_get that specifies if the semaphore shoul…

    wez committed
    …d be
    automatically released on request shutdown. (#16986)
    Fix a segfault in sem_remove (#17274)
  8. Reverted the last commit which moved all the projects around.

    Joseph Tate committed
    #Preston, please re-add your make-test project, but this time don't move around
    #the other projects in the process.
  9. Allow the version checks for --with-apxs= and --with-apxs2= to work

    Cliff Woolley committed
    with development version of Apache, whose version strings end in "-dev",
    eg "Apache/2.0.37-dev".
    PR: 17233
    Submitted by: Dale Ghent <>
  10. Only the last cookie was getting set. (You can have

    Cliff Woolley committed
    more than one Set-Cookie: header, as indicated by
    PR: 16626
    Submitted by:
  11. apache 2.0's apache_lookup_uri() was returning an array rather than an

    Cliff Woolley committed
    object, which contradicted both the documentation and the behavior of the
    same function under apache 1.3.
    PR: 14999
  12. * restore the php_flag and php_admin_flag Apache directives which for

    Cliff Woolley committed
      some mysterious reason never made their way from sapi/apache to
      sapi/apache2filter when it was first written  PR: 16629
    * change the allowed locations of php_admin_value (and php_admin_flag to
      match) to ACCESS_CONF instead of OR_NONE to match sapi/apache.  No
      idea why it was ever OR_NONE.  PR: 16489
  13. Default INI file used with run-tests.php

    Preston L. Bannister committed
  14. NEWS update

    Unknown committed
  15. ChangeLog update

    Unknown committed
Commits on May 16, 2002
  1. @chregu

    - replaced domxml_doc_document_element implementation do use libxml2 …

    chregu committed
    - renamed domxml_add_root to domxml_doc_add_root (and added alias for BC)
    - aliased $doc->get_root to domxml_document_element
    @ - added domxml_doc_set_root to change the root node (Lukas Schroeder)
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