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Oct 29, 2002

  1. rewrite paragraph 9

    No instances yet. And it does not work with #if 0_FOO but with #if FOO_0
    Marcus Boerger authored

Oct 10, 2002

  1. Jon Parise

    Adding a new item (number 11) that explains why it's important to use

    emalloc() and friends in place of the standard C library functions.
    jparise authored

Sep 09, 2002

  1. - spaces instead of tabs

    Derick Rethans authored
  2. - Use PHP_ instead of ZEND_

    Derick Rethans authored

Sep 08, 2002

  1. Jon Parise

    Reword item 10 for greater clarity.

    jparise authored
  2. It seems we're better to mention about missing functions.

    Yasuo Ohgaki authored

Aug 22, 2002

  1. fix examples

    #did i write those? shame on me for not knowing my own functions
    Marcus Boerger authored

Aug 13, 2002

  1. As per the suggestion on php-dev, now please #ifdef 0_<username here>

    Dan Kalowsky authored
  2. -better use external example

    -say NULL is intended
    -correct example
    #hope this is a bit easier to understand and clears it a bit
    Marcus Boerger authored
  3. comments & php_error_docref

    Marcus Boerger authored

Aug 08, 2002

  1. - Add note how php_error() messages SHOULD (rfc2119) look like.

    Markus Fischer authored

Mar 19, 2002

  1. Added README.SUBMITTING_PATCH file. Please fix/add/change.

    Added more description for use of assert().
    Yasuo Ohgaki authored

Mar 14, 2002

  1. Translate to English.

    # I still don't know what a 'tag search' is...
    Sean Bright authored
  2. Include/enable assert.h/assert() when it is available

    Yasuo Ohgaki authored

Feb 28, 2002

  1. Recommend ZEND_* macro over PHP_* macro as discussed in php-dev.

    Yasuo Ohgaki authored

Jan 04, 2002

  1. small clarification

    Hartmut Holzgraefe authored

Oct 14, 2001

  1. Fixed some spelling errors.

    Egon Schmid authored

Jun 05, 2001

  1. Rasmus Lerdorf

    vim-6 does folding - clean up a bunch of missing folding tags plus

    some misguided RINIT and RSHUTDOWN calls in a few fringe extensions
    rlerdorf authored

Dec 19, 2000

  1. Updated to reflect recent discussions on php-dev.

    Ron Chmara authored

Nov 26, 2000

  1. Jon Parise

    Added a brief section documenting the preference of tabs over spaces.

    There are a few touch-ups in this commit, too.
    jparise authored

Oct 18, 2000

  1. As per andi, similar names are for legacy reasons only.

    Ron Chmara authored
  2. Updated naming standards as per 9/12 dev/doc discussion.

    Ron Chmara authored

Sep 10, 2000

  1. php4ize a bit.

    fix a little bit of grammar.
    Sterling Hughes authored

Apr 07, 1999

  1. Zeev Suraski

    PHP 4.0

    zsuraski authored
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