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Mar 18, 2004

  1. Zeev Suraski

    Prepare to roll RC1

    zsuraski authored

Mar 16, 2004

  1. - Replaced the exec_finished hook by the zend_post_deactive hook for

      extensions. The new hook will be run after the symbol table and destructors
      are run. (Derick)
    Derick Rethans authored
  2. Enable ptr format check for GCC 3.1 and higher

    Sascha Schumann authored
  3. Do not allow 3.0.4 for __attribute__.

    Ilia Alshanetsky authored
  4. Fixed bug #27600 (GCC 3.0.4 does not like __attribute__ directive)

    Ilia Alshanetsky authored

Mar 15, 2004

  1. - Fixed bug #24582 (extensions can not be loaded dynamically in Solar…

    foobar authored

Mar 09, 2004

  1. No longer needed

    Marcus Boerger authored

Feb 20, 2004

  1. more EXTERN_C wrapping of ZEND_API prototypes

    Hartmut Holzgraefe authored

Feb 18, 2004

  1. wrap ZEND_API prototypes into BEGIN_EXTERN_C/END_EXTERN_C

    for C++ extension support
    Hartmut Holzgraefe authored

Jan 08, 2004

  1. - Happy new year and PHP 5 for rest of the files too..

    # Should the LICENSE and Zend/LICENSE dates be updated too?
    foobar authored

Dec 14, 2003

  1. Zeev Suraski

    Some cleanup

    zsuraski authored

Dec 11, 2003

  1. Fixed extra byte allocation for TRUE/FALSE/ZEND_THREAD_SAFE/NULL cons…

    Ilia Alshanetsky authored

Oct 22, 2003

  1. Expand Interface C API.

    In short: zend_class_entry->interface_gets_implemented()  allows to modify
    the class entry of a class when an interface gets implemented.
    Marcus Boerger authored

Oct 18, 2003

  1. Fix class/iterator relationship & handling

    Marcus Boerger authored

Oct 17, 2003

  1. Added c-api for iterators

    # After 4 Month work and endless discussions...
    Marcus Boerger authored

Oct 03, 2003

  1. Bug #25738 (alloca() related problems on the Darwin platform)

    Moriyoshi Koizumi authored

Sep 14, 2003

  1. Bugfix #25528 (by Ard Biesheuvel)

    Marcus Boerger authored

Aug 31, 2003

  1. Make vspprintf available as zend utility function. Use it in exceptio…

    …n output.
    Marcus Boerger authored

Aug 28, 2003

  1. older gccs don't understand attribute((format)) on function pointers

    Sascha Schumann authored
  2. ZEND_GCC_VERSION should always be defined to a number so we can use

    simple comparisons all the time.
    Sascha Schumann authored
  3. Add format attribute to a number of functions

    Kill a few warnings
    Sascha Schumann authored
  4. cleanup & centralize ZEND_GCC_VERSION and ZEND_ATTRIBUTE_MALLOC so that

    they can be used by downstream applications
    Sascha Schumann authored

Aug 25, 2003

  1. - Fixed bug #25240 (spaces before pre-processor directives)

    foobar authored

Aug 18, 2003

  1. Zeev Suraski

    - Improve tracking

    - Fix several overloading issues
    zsuraski authored

Aug 17, 2003

  1. One bit fields need to be unsigned, otherwise there is no storage for

    the sign bit
    "A signed bit field has a length of 1 bit."
    Sascha Schumann authored

Aug 04, 2003

  1. Zeev Suraski

    Add logical XOR, proves to be quite useful lately

    zsuraski authored

Aug 03, 2003

  1. Zeev Suraski

    ntroduce infrastructure for supplying information about arguments,

    - Whether or not to pass by ref (replaces the old arg_types, with arg_info)
    - Argument name (for future use, maybe introspection)
    - Class/Interface name (for type hints)
    - If a class/interface name is available, whether to allow a null instance
    Both user and builtin functions share the same data structures.
    To declare a builtin function that expects its first arg to be an instance
    of class 'Person', its second argument as a regular arg, and its third by
    reference, use:
    ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_INFO(my_func_arg_info, 0)
        ZEND_ARG_OBJ_INFO(0, someone, Person, 1)
    and use my_func_arg_info as the arg_info parameter to the ZEND_FE() family
    of macros.
    The first arg to each ZEND_ARG_*() macro is whether or not to pass by ref.
    The boolean arg to ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_INFO() tells the engine whether to treat
    the arguments for which there's no explicit information as pass by reference
    or not.
    The boolean argument to ZEND_ARG_OBJ_INFO() (4th arg) is whether or not to allownull values.
    zsuraski authored

Jul 30, 2003

  1. Zeev Suraski

    Add exec_finished() callback for modules - this is the last place whe…

    …re the
    modules may touch the symbol table reliably
    zsuraski authored

Jul 23, 2003

  1. Stanislav Malyshev

    Remove namespace leftovers

    smalyshev authored

Jul 19, 2003

  1. Fix the HPUX alloca fix as suggested by Sascha

    foobar authored
  2. andigutmans

    - Don't use alloca on HP-UX (Moriyoshi Koizumi <moriyoshi@at.wakwak.c…

    andigutmans authored

Jun 10, 2003

  1. updating license information in the headers.

    James Cox authored

Jun 04, 2003

  1. Stanislav Malyshev

    rm namespace leftovers

    smalyshev authored

Jun 02, 2003

  1. Stanislav Malyshev

    MEGA-patch: namespaces are R.I.P.

    smalyshev authored

Apr 18, 2003

  1. - Revert my symbol fix patch, and merge in Stas' fixes to Zend Engine 1.

    Derick Rethans authored
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