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Commits on Feb 12, 2004
  1. @andigutmans

    - Roll Beta 4

    andigutmans committed
  2. @andigutmans

    - Remove old code

    andigutmans committed
  3. making sure that the provided examples actualy work (or at least do not

    Hartmut Holzgraefe committed
    generate no parse errors) unless they are really expected to fail
  4. reorder

    foobar committed
  5. @andigutmans

    - This was too strict.

    andigutmans committed
  6. @zsuraski

    Fix test

    zsuraski committed
  7. @pierrejoye

    - Update to DB-1.6.0RC6 (stable)

    pierrejoye committed
      notabene: No more RC with stable state will be bundled with stable
      php release. It's ok for php5 beta4.
  8. @pierrejoye

    - Remove old DB

    pierrejoye committed
  9. @zsuraski

    Fix prototype/warning

    zsuraski committed
  10. @andigutmans

    - More news

    andigutmans committed
  11. @zsuraski

    - Check return-by-reference bit when implementing interface prototypes

    zsuraski committed
    - Add infrastructure for built-in functions to hint whether they
      return by reference or not.  It is NOT currently used for anything,
      except for interface prototypes (you can use it to request that the
      function that implements your prototype returns by reference or
      doesn't return by reference).
      For downwards compatibility - by default, interface prototypes are
      agnostic as to whether the function that implements them returns
      by reference or not.  Use ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_INFO_EX() with
    - Fix ArrayAccess::getOffset() to conduct additional checks.
      If your getOffset() should work with multidimensional arrays - it
      must return by reference.
  12. @wez
  13. @andigutmans

    - Add News entry

    andigutmans committed
  14. @zsuraski

    extend Exception

    zsuraski committed
  15. @wez

    Tidy up "nmake clean" for people that don't have a PECL checkout.

    wez committed
    Be paranoid when building a snapshot: if the module is not a core
    module (eg: it comes from outside of ext or sapi) and it defaults to "yes",
    then force it to become shared.  This will prevent a pecl ext from
    accidentally being compiled statically into the core, and prevent that
    ext from breaking the core build.  You can still manually force a static
    build by explicitly specifying the args for that extension on your configure
  16. @andigutmans
  17. @zsuraski

    extend Exception

    zsuraski committed
  18. @wez

    fix copy-n-past error in constructor.

    wez committed
    Spotted by Eric Colinet.
  19. @wez

    Fix build; line continuation character should be the very last character

    wez committed
    on a line, otherwise things b0rk.
  20. @zsuraski

    Update configure

    zsuraski committed
  21. Caching of temorary WSDL files was disabled.

    Dmitry Stogov committed
  22. Added zend_exceptions.c to the build

    Edin Kadribasic committed
  23. @zsuraski
  24. @andigutmans

    - Add zend_exceptions.c

    andigutmans committed
  25. @zsuraski

    Centralize exceptions code in zend_exceptions.[ch].

    zsuraski committed
    Remove zend_default_classes.h (use zend_exceptions.h instead)
    NOTE:  This currently breaks the build, fixes to php-src and pecl coming
  26. @andigutmans
  27. @zsuraski

    Exceptions updates:

    zsuraski committed
    - Enforce exceptions to be derived from class Exception.  This allows
      users to perform catch-all.  It's not yet complete, so don't get
      comfortable with it just yet :)  Updates are coming soon.
    - Implement zend_throw_exception() using zend_throw_exception_ex()
  28. @andigutmans
  29. "Runtime Configuration" and "Exceptions" were added.

    Dmitry Stogov committed
  30. @andigutmans
  31. ChangeLog update

    Unknown committed
  32. ws fix

    foobar committed
  33. - Fixed bug #23467 (Showing incorrect Time Zone)

    foobar committed
    # patch by scottmacvicar at ntlworld dot com
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