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tag: php-5.1.0

Nov 23, 2005

  1. This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'php_5_1_0'.

    SVN Migration authored
  2. Rolling 5.1.0

    Ilia Alshanetsky authored
  3. Antony Dovgal

    change zend_read_property() to allocate property zval too

    tony2001 authored
  4. MFH: fixed 5307 unexpected header can be injected to mb_send_mail().

    Rui Hirokawa authored
  5. fix tag

    foobar authored
  6. Antony Dovgal

    fix #35336 (crash on PDO::FETCH_CLASS + __set())

    tony2001 authored
  7. Bug #33732 (Wrong behavior of constants in class and interface extend…

    Dmitry Stogov authored
  8. BFN

    Rob Richards authored
  9. Fixed bug #35342 (isset(DOMNodeList->length) returns false)

    add test
    Rob Richards authored
  10. Fixed bug #35046 (phpinfo() uses improper css enclosure).

    Ilia Alshanetsky authored

Nov 22, 2005

  1. Added 5.1 upgrading notes.

    # Big thanks to Steph Fox for taking the time to make this list possible.
    Ilia Alshanetsky authored
  2. Antony Dovgal

    fix #35341 (Fix for bug #33760 breaks build with older curl)

    tony2001 authored
  3. Sara Golemon

    Widen allowable range of values for 'window' bits.

    Make -MAX_WBITS default (to match gzinflate() and gzdeflate())
    sgolemon authored
  4. Removed {} E_STRICT pending furher discussion, may be introduced late…

    …r on.
    Ilia Alshanetsky authored
  5. Fixed command error in ftp:// wrapper.

    # Thanks to Stefan Esser for discovering the problem.
    Ilia Alshanetsky authored
  6. Fixed test

    Ilia Alshanetsky authored
  7. Michael Wallner

    - fix make install

    m6w6 authored
  8. Frank M. Kromann

    /Gz and /RTC1 is for debug builds

    fmk authored

Nov 21, 2005

  1. MFH: - Fixed header installing under phpize builds

    foobar authored
  2. - MFH Fixed Bug #35286 tokenizer ext drops final comment (by greg)

    Marcus Boerger authored
  3. test -e does not work with solaris

    foobar authored

Nov 20, 2005

  1. - Fixed bug #35143 (gettimeofday() ignores current time zone).

    - Fixed tests due to class constants patch.
    Derick Rethans authored
  2. Fixed bug #35303 (PDO prepare() crashes with invalid parameters).

    Ilia Alshanetsky authored
  3. MFH: - Fixed bug #35243 (php_mblen() crashes when compiled with threa…

    …d-safety on Linux)
    foobar authored
  4. Use /RTC1 instead of /GZ for MS VisualStudio 2005.

    Sebastian Bergmann authored
  5. - MFH Fix parameter parsing

    Marcus Boerger authored
  6. fix news

    foobar authored

Nov 19, 2005

  1. Antony Dovgal

    MFH: fix #35293 (PDO segfaults when using persistent connections)

    tony2001 authored
  2. MFH: fixed #35253 length of the encoded string vilolates a RFC.

    Rui Hirokawa authored

Nov 18, 2005

  1. Frank M. Kromann

    MFH: Fix #33201 Crash when fetching some data types

    fmk authored
  2. Frank M. Kromann

    MFH Fix #33963. mssql_bind fails on input parameters

    fmk authored
  3. Frank M. Kromann

    MFH: Fix #32009 crash when mssql_bind() is called more than once

    fmk authored
  4. Frank M. Kromann

    MFH: Fix #33153 Crash in mssql_next_result().

    fmk authored
  5. Fixed bug #35278 (Multiple virtual() calls crash Apache 2 php module).

    Ilia Alshanetsky authored
  6. php4 -> php5

    foobar authored
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